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Google Chat space can now have up to 50,000 members: What this means for users

Google has announced that it is increasing the number of members users can add to a space in Google Chat to 50,000.

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Published: Jul 19, 2023, 05:12 PM IST

Google Chat
Google Chat

Story Highlights

  • Google has announced new features for Google Chat.
  • Google Chat space can now have up to 50,000 members.
  • Google Chat has also got easy member search feature.

Google has been adding new features to its messaging platform, Google Chat for past couple of weeks now. Last week, the company rolled out a new media viewer feature in Google Chat that improves the media browsing experience on the platform. The update not only enables the media thumbnails to open faster in full screen, but it also speeds up the repeat playback and brings a shared media option that enables users to quickly browse through all media shared in a Chat conversation. Now, just days later, the company has announced more improvements to Google Chat. The company says that it is increasing the number of members users can add to a space in Google Chat to 50,000. Earlier, only 8,000 members were allowed in Chat spaces.

“This update is especially impactful for company-wide announcements, event-oriented spaces, large communities within companies, and support-related spaces.”

With the new feature, the company aims to not only help increase connectivity and a sense of belonging but also create broader and more thriving communities within the organisations.

In addition to this, the tech giant has also introduced the ability to easily search for members within a space. “If a member is present, you can change their role and if a member is not present, you can add the member to the space,” the company added.

Google Chat update availability

Both these features do not have admin control and are available to all Google Workspace customers.

Coming to availability, Google has already started rolling out this feature to all Google Chat users on the web. The company will start rolling it out to Android users starting August 7 and iOS users starting August 28.

In March this year, the tech giant had announced that it was rolling out new features for space managers in Google Chat, including the ability to decide if members can add or remove members or groups to a space.

Also, the company had introduced the “Space configuration” feature which allows space managers to choose if members can change space details, such as name, icon, description, and guidelines, or turn Chat history on/off for the space.

On the other hand, the “Conversation moderation” feature “authorises space managers to determine whether members can use @all in a space.”

Meanwhile, last week, the company had introduced a new media viewer for Google Chat on Android devices, which improves the media browsing experience.

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