About Techlusive Summit & Awards Season 4

The year 2023 has been a momentous one in the technological era. While on one hand, it has witnessed the rise and growth of marvels like Generative AI, on the other hand, it has witnessed an increase in dialog and discussion around data protection laws, especially in India.
In its fourth season, Techlusive Summit & Awards Season 4 will focus on these burning topics, that is, generative AI and the scope of data protection laws in India. The event will also delve on threats and opportunities, and the direction they will take India to in the 21st century.
The theme for the Techlusive Summit & Awards Season 4 is ‘The road ahead for Gen-AI in India with consumer privacy in mind’ and it includes a set of awards that will be given to companies and products that have excelled in the field of consumer electronics in their respective categories. The nominations in each category have been selected by our team of tech experts and the winners have been selected through a combination of online polling and our esteemed jury members. In addition to this, the event will also witness a panel of experts talk about the opportunities and threats around Generative AI and the scope of data protection laws in India.


Dr. Jitendra Singh Union Minister of State (Ind. Charge) Science & Technology; MoS PMO, PP/ DOPT, Atomic Energy, Space

Keynote Speaker

Syed Nazakat Founder and CEO, DataLEADS


Panel 1 Topic: AI: Threats and Opportunities

Panel 2 Topic: Is web 3.0 worth the hype: The Road Ahead?


Our Jury

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