16 Feb, 2024 | Friday
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Users will be able to control any Matter-enabled device using MirAIe app: Panasonic CIO Manish Misra

Panasonic recently introduced MirAIe-powered ACs in India. To understand its implications, we sat down for a conversation with CIO Manish Misra. Here's what he said.

Edited By: Shweta Ganjoo

Published: Jan 16, 2024, 12:37 PM IST

Panasonic MirAIe
Panasonic MirAIe

Story Highlights

  • Panasonic recently introduced MirAIe-powered ACs in India.
  • These ACs feature support for Matter platform.
  • MirAIe platform also supports Matter platform.

Panasonic recently launched new air conditioners in India that are powered by the company’s MirAIe app. What makes these air conditioners different from all other ACs in the market other than their features is that fact that they support Matter platform. On the sidelines of this development, we sat down for a conversation with Manish Misra, Chief Innovation Officer, India Innovation Centre, Panasonic Life Solutions India (PLSIND), to discuss the scope and impact of this development.

Before we dwell into the details of our conversation, first let’s understand what Matter is.

What is Matter?

For the unversed Matter is an open-source connectivity standard for smart home and Internet of Things (IoT) devices. It aims to simplify the smart home ecosystem by creating a single, unified language that all devices can understand, regardless of brand ensuring interoperability. Simply put, support for Matter platform will allow devices across brands to talk and work with each other seamlessly. This also means that users will not have to download multiple apps to control various smart devices remotely.

Matter is supported by a host of big tech brands such as Amazon, Apple, Google, Haier, Huawei, IKEA, Legrand, LG, NXP, Oppo, Samsung, Siemens, Schneider Electric, and Verizon to name a few.

Advantages of using Matter-based MirAIe

The biggest advantage of having support for Matter platform is that Panasonic’s MirAIe powered devices can easily communicate with devices from other brands that support the platform. “This integration allows matter-enabled devices such as appliances, smart lights, thermostats, locks, and more, to communicate with one another, regardless of the brand or manufacturer. This means that a Matter-certified device can seamlessly connect and interact with other Matter enabled platforms, such as MirAIe, enhancing compatibility and ease of use for consumers,” Misra said in an email interaction with Techlusive.

Specifically talking about MirAIe, Misra said that with MirAIe app getting support for Matter, users will be able to control all their supported devices, even from other manufacturers, using Panasonic’s app. “Yes, now that the Miraie app is integrated with the capabilities of Matter technology, users will be able to seamlessly access and control any matter-certified appliance/ product from the Miraie Platform,” he said.

On a more technical front, MirAIe app can run all devices that support Matter 1.0. He also said that the app will also support Matter 1.2-enabled devices. “It will also support any matter enabled RAC as outlined in Matter specification 1.2. As subsequent Matter-related specifications are introduced, we will continue to support additional Matter device support on the platform,” he said.

For understanding, here are some devices available in India that support Matter platform– TP-Link smart bulbs, Apple HomePod Mini, Apple HomePod, Apple TV 4K (2022), Apple TV 4K (2021), Samsung SmartThings Hub v3,v2, Apple Home App (iOS 16 and later), Amazon Alexa App, Echo Smart Speaker, Echo Dot (3rd gen and newer, Echo Dot with Clock (3rd gen and newer, Echo Show 10, Google Nest Mini, and Google Home.

Future plans for MirAIe app

With MirAIe getting Matter power, Panasonic not only plans to expand its own portfolio to support this technology, but it also plans to on-board products from other brands for a more connected experience. This means that users will be able to control all of their Matter-enabled devices using MirAIe app. Conversely, this means that users will be able to use similar apps by other manufacturers to control Panasonic’s supported devices.

“Through our ‘shared economy’ ecosystem in the country, we are enthusiastic about broadening the accessibility and advantages of our IoT platform to include more brands, fostering connected and intelligent homes and appliances,” the Panasonic executive said.

“We plan to extend our platform technology to other brands, allowing them to customize their products for the Indian market,” he added.

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