08 Feb, 2024 | Thursday
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Google renames Bard as Gemini, launches Android, iOS apps

Google has renamed its generative AI assistant, Bard, as Gemini. In addition to that, Google has also launched Android and iOS apps for Gemini.

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Published: Feb 08, 2024, 07:09 PM IST | Updated: Feb 08, 2024, 08:11 PM IST

Google Gemini
Google Gemini

Story Highlights

  • Google has renamed Bard as Gemini.
  • Google has announced Android and iOS apps for Gemini.
  • Gemini is coming to US in English first.

Google Bard become Gemini: Google has officially renamed its AI-based assistant, Google Bard, as Gemini. The development follows months of speculations and has been done to honour its most advanced large language model (LLM) of the same name. “Our mission with Bard has always been to give you direct access to our AI models, and Gemini represents our most capable family of models. To reflect this, Bard will now simply be known as Gemini,” Google wrote in a blog post announcing the change.

In addition to renaming Bard as Gemini, Google announced that it is bringing Gemini to mobile devices via dedicated Android and iOS apps. Google says that with this app, users can take a picture of their flat tire and ask for instructions, generate a custom image for a dinner party invitation or ask for help writing a difficult text message.

Gemini app on Android and iOS

On Android

As far availability is concerned, Google is replacing Google Assistant with Gemini…Well, sort of. Google says that Android users will be able to access Gemini on their smartphones by downloading the Gemini app or opting in through Google Assistant. Once this is done, they will be able to access it from almost anywhere they could access Google Assistant from, that is — in the app, by hitting the power button, by corner swiping on select phones, or by saying ‘Hey Google’. “This will enable a new overlay experience that offers easy access to Gemini as well as contextual help right on your screen,” Google wrote in its blog.

Furthermore, Google says that many of Google Assistant‘s voice features, such as setting timers, making calls and controlling smart home devices, will be available through the Gemini app and that it is working to support more in the future. This would in turn render Google Assistant effectively useless at some point.

On iOS

Coming to iOS, Google says that it is rolling out access to Gemini in the Google app in the coming weeks. All users will need to do to use Gemini on their iPhones is to tap the Gemini toggle in the Google Assistant app and chat with Gemini.

Gemini on Android, iOS availability

As far as availability is concerned, Google has started rolling out Gemini on Android and iOS phones in the US in English and that it will be fully available in the coming weeks. The company also said that starting next week, users will be able to access it in more locations in English, and in Japanese and Korean, with more countries and languages coming soon.

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