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ChatGPT could soon replace Google Assistant on your Android phone

OpenAI is working on a feature that will let users access ChatGPT as Google Assistant on Android smartphones. Here are all the details.

Edited By: Shweta Ganjoo

Published: Jan 05, 2024, 09:15 PM IST

OpenAI's ChatGPT is now up to date.
OpenAI's ChatGPT is now up to date.

Story Highlights

  • OpenAI offers ChatGPT app on Android phones.
  • Users need to open the app to access its capabilities.
  • Soon ChatGPT will work as Google Assistant on Android phones.

ChatGPT update: Generative AI was the most important trend of the year 2023. And as we enter into 2024, early reports have already given us a glimpse of how this technology will rule the year. Google is planning release a more advanced version of Bard soon. Samsung’s next generation flagship smartphone, that is, the Galaxy S24 series, is expected to be powered by gen-AI. And if all goes as per the plan, we might see Siri getting a gen-AI upgrade. In addition to all these, we might also see ChatGPT occupying the same space on your smartphone as has been occupied by Google Assistant for so long.

ChatGPT to replace Google Assistant

According to a report by Android Authority, OpenAI is working on a version of ChatGPT’s Android app that will let users set it as their default assistant app. The company last month released version 1.2023.352 of ChatGPT last month. This new version has a new activity called ‘com.openai.voice.assistant.AssistantActivity’. While this activity is disabled by default, it can be enabled and launched manually. On launching this activity, users will see an animation that is similar to the one shown when using the in-app voice chat mode.

While the feature isn’t ready yet, but the update contains a partial code that indicates that the app will be used as a digital assistant app. Simply put, once the update has been released, Android users will be able to use ChatGPT as their default virtual assistant. This is similar to the way users can access Alexa and now-defunct Cortana on Android smartphones.

That said, this feature is still in development and there is no way to know if OpenAI plans to roll out this feature to the masses and make it available to free users. For all we know, the company may decide against releasing this feature.

More Settings

Additionally, the code analysed by the publication also shows that ChatGPT’s Android app will soon get a Quick Settings tile. This till will act as a shortcut to launch ChatGPT’s new assistant mode and it will require a ChatGPT Plus subscription.

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