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YouTube will no longer work if you use ad-blocker without Premium subscription

YouTube is testing a crackdown on ad-blockers, as part of which you will not be able to use the platform without ads on browsers unless you have Premium.

Edited By: Shubham Verma

Published: Oct 06, 2023, 10:21 AM IST

YouTube is now testing generative AI chatbot on its platform.
YouTube is now testing generative AI chatbot on its platform.

Story Highlights

  • YouTube is reportedly expanding its restriction on ad-blockers.
  • You will soon not be able to watch YouTube ad-free when using ad-blockers.
  • You either disable ad-blockers or buy a YouTube Premium subscription.

YouTube has been alerting users with an annoying prompt — the one that most news websites have been showing for quite some time. Currently, as part of a test, the world’s most popular video website is asking some users not to use ad blockers. And if you still insist, it will not let you play any videos. In other words, if you use an ad-blocker on your browser, YouTube will not open its video catalogue to you unless you disable it or buy a YouTube Premium subscription. Although this restriction is not impacting many users, it marks the beginning of the end of the only convenient way to enjoy YouTube without advertisements.

While YouTube began cracking down on ad-blockers earlier this year, it was limited to a handful of users. The Google-owned company is now expanding it to some more users. According to The Verge’s Jay Peters, YouTube without a Premium subscription showed a prompt that asked him to disable the browser’s ad-blocker. “Ad blockers are not allowed on YouTube,” read the message with the reasons why ad blockers are not allowed. There are only two actionable buttons in the prompt: “Allow YouTube Ads” and “Try YouTube Premium.” There is no other way to use YouTube on a browser.

Peters wrote that the prompt began appearing on YouTube after he switched from Google Chrome to Safari. To get an update on the status, he asked Google if the prompt was beginning to appear for more people. A Google spokesperson Christopher Lawton told him that the prompt is a “small experiment globally.” That essentially means Google is testing the waters whether users will like it or not. Ideally, the feedback from the current “experiment” should decide the future of the restriction, but you never know. YouTube may expand the restriction to more users soon.

The move could allow YouTube to increase the user base for its Premium subscription. According to the company, YouTube Premium has over 80 million active users worldwide as of 2022. That is only a small chunk of YouTube’s overall users. As of 2022, YouTube had over 2.70 billion active users worldwide.

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