08 Dec, 2023 | Friday
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Samsung's mobile biz head confirms foldable tablets and PCs

Foldables will expand to other categories like the tablet and PC and continue to develop after, said TM Roh.

Edited By: Pranav Sawant

Published: Aug 17, 2023, 07:10 PM IST


Story Highlights

  • Samsung's TM Roh has revealed that foldables will expand to more categories.
  • Roh said that folding technology will continue to develop and reach tablet and PC devices.
  • Samsung's recent foldable devices are Z Fold 5 and Z Flip 5.

TM Roh, president and head of MX Business of Samsung Electronics, has said the tech giant is preparing to launch a foldable tablet.

“Foldables will expand to other categories like the tablet and PC and continue to develop after,” TM Roh said in an interview with The Independent.

When asked about an Android folding tablet that has not been mentioned before by the company and doesn’t exist from any other brand, Roh said: “The tablet is a very good product category, one where we can apply the foldable format. Why are Samsung Mobile and I so convinced about the foldable? The reason is very simple. Because it has been part of human history and human nature for so long to read books, or use notebooks.”

He further mentioned that when people want to read, they open a book, and when they want to write, they open a notebook.

These things can be folded and made smaller when they’re not being used or need to be carried around, which also helps keep the important stuff safe.

“What has been applied to the smartphone will then spread to the tablet and laptops as well. To that end we at Samsung are investing a lot of resources. And once that foundational technology is developed and we believe that the product is ready to provide meaningful innovation to consumers, then, of course, we want to introduce them,” he added.

Last month, in a bid to elevate the foldable experience to a whole new level, the tech giant had unveiled its fifth generation of its Galaxy foldable devices — Galaxy Z Flip5 and Galaxy Z Fold5 — which are slimmer, lighter and faster than the previous generation.


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