30 Jan, 2024 | Tuesday
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PM Modi advises students to reduce screen time, set small goals at ‘Pariksha Pe Charcha’

PM Modi encouraged students to reduce their screen time and shared that he only uses mobile phones as necessary. He also recommended that students incorporate screen time alert tools on their devices.

Edited By: Om Gupta

Published: Jan 30, 2024, 09:06 AM IST

PM Modi
PM Modi

Story Highlights

  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday interacted with “exam warriors”.
  • He was taking part at the 7th edition of ‘Pariksha Pe Charcha’.
  • Modi cautioned the students against the excessive use of mobile phones.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday interacted with “exam warriors” at the 7th edition of ‘Pariksha Pe Charcha’ held at the Bharat Mandapam in Delhi. He discussed various topics related to exams, such as the use of mobile phones, parent-child relationships, and choosing a specific stream.

Modi cautioned the students against the excessive use of mobile phones and urged them to limit their screen time. He said that he uses mobile phones only when required and suggested that students should add screen time alert tools in their devices. He also recommended that family members should know the passwords of the mobile phones of their children.

He said that excess of anything is harmful and there should be a standard for everything. He emphasized the importance of having discretion and using technology positively. He said that gadgets should have apps that keep track of screen time and that students should respect their time while using mobile phones.

Modi also encouraged the students to set small goals and improve their performance gradually. He said that this would help them to be ready before the exams and avoid pressure. He said that exams are not the end of life and that students should enjoy the learning process.

Nearly 2 crore students, parents, and teachers participated in the event, which was aimed at boosting the confidence and morale of the students. Modi also greeted the students present at the venue after the event.

Meanwhile, the Interim Budget for the financial year 2024-2025 is right around the corner as we have received an official date for the same. As customary, this year’s Budget 2024 will be held in February and will lay out the important financial decisions. The Finance Minister Nirmal Sitharaman will present the Interim Budget 2024 and her presentation will be streamed live.

Budget 2024 is scheduled for February 1, 2024. The FM Sitharaman is expected to present at the event from 11 AM. The Live session will be streamed on TV as well as on Online platforms.

Those interested in watching the Live speech of FM Sithraman on mobile, laptop, or Smart TV, can head to the Parliament’s official YouTube channel called SansadTV.

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