14 Sep, 2023 | Thursday
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Android Auto gets Zoom, WebEx support so that you never miss a meeting

Android Auto gets some new features to enhance on-road productivity and entertainment. Here's what they are and when you'll get them.

Edited By: Om Gupta

Published: Sep 14, 2023, 10:11 AM IST

Google Auto
Google Auto

Story Highlights

  • Android Auto will now allow drivers to attend scheduled meetings.
  • Android Auto will have Amazon Prime Video for parked entertainment.
  • Google also announced the rollout of Weather Channel app for hourly forecasts.

Google Auto update: The in-car infotainment system has expanded the limits of comfort and safety in cars. Playing music, taking calls while driving or navigating to any destination has become easier than ever. These infotainment systems in cars are also integrated with on-board cameras and help drivers safely navigate in heavy traffic. Some cars with 360-degree camera capability provide a full view of the surroundings to the driver in the infotainment system’s screen and help them make better judgements while driving. Tech giants such as Google and Apple are also contributing to the development of these systems and have provided features such as voice assistant, smartphone integration with the infotainment system and more.

Working on similar lines, Google has unveiled a range of software updates for its Android Auto app and vehicles equipped with Google integration. With the rollout of the new update, the drivers will be able to join WebEx or Zoom meetings in their car’s infotainment system. However, the drivers will be able to join with the meetings with audio-only capability as the tech giant says this will make it “easy and safe” for drivers to join scheduled meetings from car displays.

In addition to this, Google has also announced the rollout of Amazon Prime Video on the Google Play app in a bid to expand its in-car audio and visual entertainment offerings. This feature will be placed under the ‘parked entertainment’ option and will be available for selected vehicles initially namely:  Renault, Polestar and Volvo Cars. The company has committed that it will be available on other brands too. Furthermore, internet browsing via Chrome-based browser will also be available on cars starting today.

What else?

Google is further expanding the functionality of the display with the Weather Channel app for hourly forecasts. This will also come with a follow-me alert safety feature, which will allow third parties to track your vehicles. There is also a ‘Trip View’ radar feature that will display live maps for severe weather events.

Google also announced the rollout of its digital car key feature, which will allow drivers to lock and unlock their vehicles via their smartphones. It will be available in selected cars such as Hyundai, Genesis, and Kia models in the US and Canada for those with compatible Pixel and Samsung devices. It is already available in several European countries. Drivers will also be able to share digital keys with family and friends wirelessly.

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