08 Dec, 2023 | Friday
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Microsoft Teams gets new features to enhance collaboration between teams

Microsoft has rolled out new features for Microsoft Teams users that are aimed to increase collaboration in a group call. Here are all the details.

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Published: Jul 28, 2023, 06:01 PM IST

Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams

Story Highlights

  • Microsoft has announced new features for Teams.
  • Teams has got new calendar features.
  • Teams has also got new video chat features.

Microsoft has announced a host of new features for Microsoft Teams. These new features are aimed at helping users increase collaboration over the video-conferencing platform and improving their productivity even as they log in from remote locations.

So, here are all the new features coming to Microsoft Teams:

What’s new in Microsoft Teams?

Zoom in and zoom out when viewing screen-share

Microsoft is making it easier for Team users to view the details when they are viewing content shared via the screen-share feature on the platform. Earlier, users in a meeting on Microsoft Teams could only zoom using pinch-to-zoom gesture on a trackpad. Now, Microsoft Teams users can also use the newly available buttons to zoom in, zoom out, and restore the original size of the incoming screenshare.

Copy links to group chat messages

Microsoft is also making it easier for users to find specific messages using links in Microsoft Teams. The company says that when a user wants to reference a specific message in a busy group chat, they will now be able to share a link to that message. This link will take the recipient directly to the conversation, which in turn will allow them to view historical chats pertaining to the conversation ultimately gaining greater context of the ongoing conversation.

Video enhancements in Teams chat

Microsoft is also bringing video enhancements to chats on Teams. The company says that now users have greater flexibility and control over their video experience in Teams. The company in a blog post explained that now when a user receives a Microsoft Stream video in a Teams chat, like a recorded team meeting saved in OneDrive or SharePoint, they will be able to preview and play the video directly in chat. In addition to that video clips shared in Teams will now include captions in English. The company says that this feature will soon get support for other languages.

Teams calendar enhancements

Microsoft is also bringing improvements to the Calendar feature in Microsoft Teams. The company, in a blog post, said that now Teams now lets users organise their day with the new agenda-wide option. This option gives users the ability to see a list of all events in an easily consumable manner. The company says that from the Agenda View, users will be able to RSVP, join a meeting, chat with participants and access meeting notes, recordings, and transcripts.

In addition to this, if they need to reschedule an event in their calendar, they no longer need to open the event to reschedule it. Instead, they will be able to do so simply by using the drag and drop feature to drag their existing calendar event and drop it in a new timeslot.

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