30 Jan, 2024 | Tuesday
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Jio Platforms launches Jio Brain to provide AI capabilities to enterprises

Jio Platforms launched Jio Brain in India today. Jio Brain provides ML capabilities to enterprises and lets them develop AI-powered apps.

Edited By: Shweta Ganjoo

Published: Jan 30, 2024, 04:30 PM IST

Jio Brain
Jio Brain

Story Highlights

  • Jio Platforms has launched Jio Brain in India.
  • Jio Brain provides AI capabilities to enterprises.
  • Jio Brain lets companies develop ML-powered apps.

Jio Brain India launch: Jio Platforms launched Jio Brain in India today. This newly announced service is capable of providing machine learning (ML)-based solutions to enterprises. It also enables companies to develop and deploy their own ML-based apps and services. The launch of Jio Brain not only facilitates the deployment of 5G technology in the country, but it also sets the stage for development of 6G technology.

The announcement regarding the launch of Jio Brain was made by Jio’s Senior Vice President Aayush Bhatnagar via a post on LinkedIn wherein he said that the new platform “has been developed after a research and development effort for 2 years by hundreds of engineers.”

Jio Brain integrates Machine Learning capabilities in the telco network, enterprise network or any industry-specific IT environment -without undergoing network / IT transformation,” Bhatnagar wrote in his post. He also said that Jio Brain comes with a rich set of over 500 REST APIs and Data APIs that can be used for creating ML-enabled services.

In addition to letting enterprises create ML-based services and solutions, the company is also planning to collaborate with AI/ML researchers to develop and deploy Jio Brain further. “We are open to collaborate with like-minded AI / ML researchers to create value, and scale the Jio Brain innovation ecosystem,” the Jio executive wrote in his post.

Jio Brain features

According to the details shared by the Jio VP, Jio Brain will offer a plug-and-play architecture, 5G-integrated ML platform, dedicated API layer to extend AI/ML capabilities for all applications, enterprise and mobile ready large language model (LLM).


In addition to this, the cloud-native Jio Brain supports parallel computations across multiple nodes or servers, and support for language processing capabilities to name a few.

Jio Brain services

Jio’s newly launched Jio Brain offers a host of services to the interested companies. The list includes feature engineering, hyperparameter tuning, ML chaining, text-to-text translations, speech-to-text translations, text-to-video generation, image recognition, image to video generation, code generation, code optimisation and code debugging to name a few.

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