08 Feb, 2024 | Thursday
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Apple may now be working on two flip iPhone models

Apple is said to have even approached at least one supplier in Asia to manufacture the flip iPhone, but that does not guarantee a launch anytime soon.

Edited By: Shubham Verma

Published: Feb 08, 2024, 05:54 PM IST

iPhone Flip concept (Image: Technizo Concept/ LetsGoDigital)
iPhone Flip concept (Image: Technizo Concept/ LetsGoDigital)

Story Highlights

  • Apple may now be working on two flip iPhone models.
  • These models may have same flip mechanism as the Galaxy Z Flip 5.
  • These devices are, however, not expected to come out before 2025.

Apple has been long-rumoured to be developing foldable iPhone devices. Several concept images, videos, and renders have emerged over the past few years, but none of them has materialised. While the anticipation remains, a new report gives some hope. Apple is now reportedly working on two foldable iPhone prototypes, which use the flip mechanism instead of using full-sized folding screens. Think of them like the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 instead of the Galaxy Z Fold 5.

According to The Information (via MacRumors), citing “a person with direct knowledge of the situation,” these clamshell prototypes of the iPhone are in an early development stage. That means you should not expect them to come out anytime soon. What it means is that Apple has secured designs for flip iPhone that it might use in future. The report added Apple likely has no plans to begin mass production of these devices in 2024 or 2025, which makes 2026 the earliest possible launch timeline.

Apple was once interested

Apple has reportedly started discussions with at least one supplier in Asia for the manufacturing of the components required in these devices, but even this does not guarantee anything. If anything goes wrong or the products do not meet Apple’s standards, the foldable phones are likely to be cancelled.

There is no way to tell if the foldable iPhone is happening anytime soon, but Apple has had it in mind for as long back as 2018. CEO Tim Cook floated the idea of a foldable iPhone to see what the company’s designers and engineers had to say. Later, he demonstrated a foldable iPhone with a 7-inch display, but the company had concerns related to technical challenges. Apple was allegedly not sure if a device at a high price point would manage to have features as appealing as a non-foldable device.

While it is unclear whether the prototype Cook demoed is the one the company was facing challenges with or whether there were multiple iterations, Apple was going for a device that would have the main display on the outside when it is shut. Engineers, however, faced issues with the device’s durability, while their goal to keep this foldable iPhone as thick as the regular iPhone without compromising on the battery or display technology also became a hindrance.

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