16 Nov, 2023 | Thursday
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Google Meet gets new effects for video calls: Here's how to use them

The portrait touch-up feature will enhance your facial features while on a video chat in the Google Meet app.

Edited By: Pranav Sawant

Published: Oct 21, 2023, 12:37 AM IST

google meet
google meet

Story Highlights

  • Google has added new effects to the Meet app.
  • Google Meet's new portrait touch-up feature can make your skin glow during video calls.
  • These effects were requested by many Meet users, as per Google.

Ever thought of having a glowing face on a video chat in a Google Meet? If Yes, then, guess what, Google has listened to you. Google has just added a highly-requested feature to the Google Meet app, the effects. You can now smoothen your skin, whiten your teeth, and magically hide your dark circles in your next meeting with new Portrait touch-up feature.

Portrait touch-up has two modes, subtle and smoothing. The former offers light complexion smoothing, under eye lightening, and eye whitening. The latter does the same but with slightly more complexion.

While this feature may sound like an extra tool, it’s an highly requested feature, as per Meta. Google said that the feature may make users feel more comfortable about them.

“This update has been highly requested by our users and we hope that by providing the ability to lightly enhance their appearance, they will feel more comfortable and confident with how they appear during video calls,” noted Google in a blog post.

Let’s see how you can use the feature when on your next Google Meet video chat.

How to use Portrait touch-up on Google Meet

Step 1: Open Google Meet on your Android or iOS device.

Step 2: Tap on Settings.

Step 3: Scroll down and look for Portrait touch up option. Now, select from the two options, Subtle/Smooth. Now, next time you are in a meeting you may feel more confident, thanks to Portrait touch-up.

That’s how easily you can use the new effects on Google Meet.

It is worth nothing that these effects are available to Google One and Google Workspace individuals. Personal Google Accounts won’t see the Portrait touch up feature in Settings.

The Portrait touch-up feature is currently only arriving on mobile. However, Google plans to introduce it to the web app by the end of 2023.

Other than this, Google previously has a host of other features in the Meet app. This includes the Noise cancellation filter, effect for lowlight, and Live captions. The latter is way useful, especially when you want to jot down notes in a meeting.

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