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Man buys X Premium subscription, wife makes him sleep outside the bedroom

An incident that got viral on Twitter took over the attention of everyone. Here's what happened that made people amazed and puzzled at the same time.

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Published: Aug 09, 2023, 05:52 PM IST

When Elon Musk changed the name of his social media platform from an iconic Twitter to simply X, he professed his love for the letter. Amid mild criticism and also some enthusiasm from his fans, Twitter became X in a matter of two days. And I am sure Musk was aware of the confusion and misunderstandings X could cause, simply because it banally represents porn. A man chose to share his ordeal for being an X user.

Alex Cohen, an individual with a keen sense of humour, shared a screenshot of his text conversation with his wife regarding his credit card account, there was an $8 per month fee marked ‘X premium’ that seemed strange. People were laughing and wondering about what the subscription was about after the couple’s subsequent conversation.

The comical exchange unfolded on Apple’s iMessage platform. Cohen’s wife, curious about the recurring charge on their Chase card, texted her husband, “Um, what is ‘X premium’ for $8/mo on the Chase card?” Cohen’s reaction was a classic combination of puzzlement and anxiousness, replying with a simple, “How do I explain this?”

The interest deepened when Cohen’s wife shared the transaction details in another screenshot. The charge, it turns out, was for a subscription to ‘X premium, ‘ which was revealed to be the new identity for Twitter, owned by none other than Elon Musk. With the true identity of ‘X premium’ unveiled, the amusing mix-up became even more entertaining.

Cohen took to Twitter on August 6 to share the conversation, humorously noting, “My wife just texted me this, I’m sleeping on the couch tonight.” Little did he know that his tweet would skyrocket in popularity, lay up over 15.8 million views, and have a variety of reactions from amused X users.

The Twitterverse reacted with a ton of witty comments, adding to the hilarity of the situation. One user jokingly advised Cohen to pay for a whole year of the subscription upfront to minimize his couch-sleeping nights. Another joked, “Babe, it’s just a meme subscription. I swear. ” some individuals empathised with Cohen, sharing similar stories of misunderstandings with their spouses.

Amidst the humour, some users playfully guessed about elon musk’s involvement, with one suggesting, “@elonmusk is this your master plan?” Another user humorously imagined Musk revelling in the situation, suggesting, “I have this weird feeling Elon knew this kind of thing was going to happen, and he’s laughing somewhere because of it. Lol! ”

In the end, Cohen’s innocent incident has not only provided a good laugh for social media users but also underscored the importance of effective communication in relationships, especially when navigating the twisted landscape of online subscriptions. The incident serves as a reminder that in a world filled with evolving digital platforms and services, a touch of humour can turn even the most puzzling situations into delightful stories that resonate with people across the internet.

So, next time you’re puzzled by a mysterious charge on your credit card statement, just remember the tale of the ‘X premium’ subscription that gave Twitter users a reason to smile and briefly made one man think about sleeping on the couch.

— Nishtha Srivastava

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