22 Feb, 2024 | Thursday
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YouTube’s iMessage mini-app quietly removed in latest update: Details here

YouTube recently discontinued its mini-app for iMessage with the latest iOS version of the YouTube app (19.01.1).

Edited By: Om Gupta

Published: Jan 12, 2024, 06:53 PM IST


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  • YouTube has recently discontinued its mini-app for iMessage.
  • The app was previously integrated with Apple’s iMessage.
  • The mini-app was launched in October 2017.

YouTube has recently discontinued its mini-app for iMessage. The app was previously integrated with Apple’s iMessage. The report was confirmed by 9to5Mac. The portal noted that the latest iOS version of the YouTube app (19.01.1), which was released on January 10, quietly removed the iMessage app. However, the release notes only mentioned bug fixes and performance improvements.

The iMessage app allowed users to search for and send YouTube videos directly from a chat without exiting the Messages app. Users who had the iMessage mini-app installed could even watch videos using the native YouTube player within the app. However, after updating to the latest version of the YouTube app, the iMessage mini-app is no longer available.

YouTube has not officially confirmed the intentional removal of its iMessage mini-app. The mini-app was launched in October 2017, a year after the introduction of the iMessage App Store. Despite the initial excitement, the iMessage App Store did not gain significant popularity. Many other iMessage apps have also been phased out over the years. The iMessage App Store was notable for allowing developers to distribute iMessage stickers for the first time.

Meanwhile, YouTube has introduced a new feature that allows you to discover songs on its app using your voice. By humming, singing, or recording a portion of the song, YouTube will attempt to recognize it. This feature is currently accessible to a select group of Android users who can toggle between voice search and song search within the app. A minimum of three seconds of humming or recording is required for the results to appear.

YouTube will then display videos related to the song, including official music videos, user-generated content, and Shorts. This feature utilizes Google’s technology capable of matching your hum to the song’s melody. Interestingly, YouTube’s version is quicker than Google’s, which necessitates 10-15 seconds of humming.

This feature could prove beneficial for those who have a tune in their mind but are unaware of its name or lyrics. With YouTube’s vast library of songs and videos, you’re likely to find the melody you’re searching for. If you find this feature interesting and want to learn how to use it, here is a guide on how to search for a song on YouTube by playing, singing, or humming.

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