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Apple Music Replay is now available with year-end chats, top songs, album, more

This year, Apple Music users have the opportunity to find out if they rank among the top 100 listeners of their preferred artist or genre.

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Published: Nov 29, 2023, 07:11 AM IST

Apple Music
Apple Music

Story Highlights

  • Apple Music Replay has been released.
  • It is Apple's answer to Spotify Wrapped.
  • Apple Music listeners can access Replay throughout the year.

Apple Music Replay, Apple’s answer to Spotify Wrapped and its year-end review, has been released. This year, Apple Music users can discover if they’re among the top 100 listeners of their favourite artist or genre, and they can explore Year-End charts. The chart data showcases the year’s most popular songs on both Apple Music and Shazam, and for the first time, the songs that gained the most traction on Apple Music Sing, the company’s karaoke-like sing-along feature.

The Apple experience, accessible at, provides information about your top songs, albums, artists, genres, and other details from your 2023 listening history.

Users also get their own personal top 100 songs chart for each year they’ve been eligible with Replay’s playlists. Apple Music listeners can access Replay throughout the year.

How to use Apple Music Replay

To use Replay, users sign in at with their Apple Music ID. While Apple’s insights are also designed for sharing on social media or through messaging, they’re not as dynamic, artistic, or original as Spotify’s annual features, which vary from year to year, keeping users in suspense about what their next Wrapped will bring.

However, it’s worth mentioning that Apple Music’s feature was released just before Spotify’s, seemingly in an attempt to get a head start on music-related social sharing in 2023.

Meanwhile, Apple Music has rolled out a new feature that enables you to curate and share playlists with your loved ones. These collaborative playlists offer a platform where you and others with access can collectively add, delete, or rearrange songs. It’s an engaging and straightforward method to uncover new tunes, compile themed playlists for specific events, or simply relish music with others.

To use this feature, ensure that your device is running iOS 17.2 or a later version, and you have an Apple Music subscription. You’ll also need to invite other Apple Music users to participate in your collaborative playlist. Once they’ve joined, everyone can contribute by adding, rearranging, or deleting songs. Emojis can be used in the Now Playing section to convey your reactions to the music. If find these features interesting and wish to create your own Collaborative playlist, here’s a detailed guide on how to establish a collaborative playlist in Apple Music.

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