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Facebook gets new video editing tools, updated tabs for increased discoverability

Meta has for long touted videos as the way forward on social media. Over the years, the company has not only made videos more accessible and discoverable across its family of apps, which includes Inst

Edited By: Shweta Ganjoo

Published: Jul 18, 2023, 04:15 PM IST


Meta has for long touted videos as the way forward on social media. Over the years, the company has not only made videos more accessible and discoverable across its family of apps, which includes Instagram and Facebook, but it has also introduced more video-focused features on these apps. All of this has turned Instagram from a simple photo-sharing app to place for sharing videos, reels and video stories. Now, it is doing the same with Facebook. The company today announced a bunch of new features for Facebook that highlight videos over everything else on the platform — just like Instagram.

“We continue to invest heavily in video, so today we’re sharing the latest ways we’re making it possible for people to create, explore, and engage with video on Facebook,” Meta wrote in a blog announcing the features.

So, what’s new on Facebook? A lot apparently.

New video-editing tools

Meta says that it has started rolling out more Reels editing tools to the Facebook Feed, which in turn will make it easier to create dynamic videos on the platform. As a part of the changes, the company has brought audio, music and text all into one place on Reels. These tools are also available on Meta Business Suite for reels and for video on Feed.

The company has also introduced new clip editing tools on the platform, which will make it easier for users to speed up, reverse or even replace clips. The company has also introduced new audio-editing tools on Facebook. Meta says that these new tools will enable users to mix sound into their video by exploring and adding music and audio clips, recording voiceovers and reducing unwanted noise.

Lastly, Meta said that Facebook users can also upload HDR videos from their phone to Reels and for that video to play back in full HDR.

Facebook Watch is now Videos

In addition to introducing new video editing tools, Meta has also renamed the Facebook Watch section as Videos tab. Meta says that this tab is now the one-stop shop for everything video on Facebook, including Reels, long-form and Live content. The company also says that the new Video tab will look familiar, but it will also includes features such as a new horizontal-scroll reels sections that highlight recommended reels. Facebook will see Video as a tab in the shortcut bar soon. While on iOS it will be available at the bottom of the app, on Android, it will be available at the top.

Explore tab updated

Meta ha also updated redesigned video Explore to help users discover popular video topics. Users can find Explore by tapping the search icon in the Video tab. Here they will see a variety of reels, long-form and live videos related to relevant topics and hashtags. “We use a mix of human curation and machine learning to select topics and videos that are popular and surface the ones we think you will enjoy and find interesting,” the company added in the blog post.

Instagram Reels on Facebook

Lastly, the company announced that now Facebook users can view and write comments on Instagram Reels that have been recommended to them on Facebook without needing to switch between the Facebook and Instagram apps. This adds to the existing ability to watch Instagram Reels on Facebook. To use this feature, users will have to add their Facebook and Instagram accounts to Accounts Center.

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