06 Feb, 2024 | Tuesday
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Samsung Galaxy S24 camera update to improve performance, rollout likely soon

Samsung Galaxy S24 users have reported some issues with the camera results and the company has acknowledged their problems.

Edited By: Shubham Verma

Published: Feb 06, 2024, 11:14 AM IST

Samsung Galaxy S24 is giving some users camera issues.
Samsung Galaxy S24 is giving some users camera issues.

Story Highlights

  • Samsung Galaxy S24 is giving some users camera problems.
  • Their problems have been acknowledged by Samsung.
  • A software update in future will fix these issues.

Samsung Galaxy S24 users have several reasons to feel good about buying the phone. The generative AI features, the polished software and interface, and the sleek design are some of the best things about the new Galaxy S24. The cameras should be, too, but that is not the case. Several users are not satisfied with the underwhelming results coming from the cameras on the Galaxy S24. They say the photos often retain blurry textures, and it looks like Samsung has heard them. A software update to fix this and some other camera-related issues is likely on the way.

Responding to reports from several users on Samsung South Korea’s official forum, a forum moderator, who claims to be “in charge of the camera,” said the issue will be fixed through a future update. He confirmed that the colours in the photos have been tuned to look more like those seen with the naked human eye. The company has also improved the “three-dimensional effect,” but that is all. “…there have been no major changes,” he said. Essentially, the colours on the Samsung Galaxy S24 series are not as vivid as they used to be on previous generations, so people coming from a predecessor of Galaxy S24 are not used to natural colours over the vivid and flashy ones.

According to the moderator, “activating optimal shooting for each scene in the intelligent optimisation in the camera settings” may work for users who are seeing blurred details in photos. But if the problem persists, the company will address it in future software updates. He also urged users to share photos that they found less than stellar through the Send Error menu and “we will analyse them and respond.”

The bugs are not widespread, since we did not experience blurring of objects in photos, but there are a few things such as a slight delay in the processing of images and noise in some shots. These are not major issues, but not small either for a phone that costs around Rs 80,000. Hopefully, Samsung will roll out the necessary software update for the Galaxy S24 soon.

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