25 Jan, 2024 | Thursday
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Lego Fortnite gets its first major update: Launch Pads, new skins on the menu

Epic Games has released its first major update to Lego Fortnite. This update brings Launch Pad along with a host of new skins to the game.

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Published: Jan 25, 2024, 05:11 PM IST | Updated: Jan 25, 2024, 07:46 PM IST

Fortnite Lego
Fortnite Lego

Story Highlights

  • Epic Games launched Lego Fortnite in December 2023.
  • Lego Fortnite has received its first major update.
  • Lego Fortnite is getting new skins.

Lego Fortnite update:  Epic Games introduced Lego Fortnite in December 2023. Now, almost a month after its launch, the company has released its first major update to the game. This update brings a host of new features, new Fortnite skins and bug fixes to the game. It also brings a host of new rewards for the players.

Here is what’s new in Lego Fortnite

Launch Pad

Epic Games has introduced a new feature dubbed as Launch Pads in the game. Launch Pad, as the company explains, is a toy players can use to build to get somewhere fast. Players can use a Launch Pad to jump or even deploy a glider.


Epic Games has also made changes to the gameplay in Lego Fortnite. The company in a blog wrote that placing a build will now remove any small bushes, rocks, or plants that are in the way, and that users will be able to pick from a variety of sizes for floors, walls, and roofs. The company has also added more snap points to Building Parts so that they lock together easily in the Snap Mode.

Talking about the villages, Bushranger, Rustler, and Tomatohead can now appear as potential villagers and villages can now be instantly removed with the “Delete Village” option in the Village Square. Players can also remove a village by getting rid of their bed and then asking them to leave.

New styles and outfits

With v28.10 update, Epic Games has also released a host of new styles and outfits for the Lego Fortnite players. Here’s the detailed list:

Styles: Ahsoka Tano, Finn, Jack Skellington, Loki Laufeyson, Scarlet Witch, Spider-Man, Star-Lord Outfit, Thanos and Wolverine.

Outfits: Cosmic Infinity, Crusher, Ex, FFC Sparkplug, Khari, Love Ranger, Skully, Snowfoot and Stoneheart.

Gameplay updates

Epic Games has also rolled out updates to the gameplay. These updates will let players eat while moving, ping locations in a world, let villagers open doors, and fried eggs take time to eat. Additionally, players will be able to remove shared worlds from their ‘Shared Worlds’ list, adjust UI screen on mobile, and access ‘All Items’ menu in the Sandbox Mode easily to name a few.

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