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CES 2024: Honda Zero showcased as company's new global EVs, launch in 2026

Honda said its new series of electric vehicles called 0 (zero) includes two categories, named Saloon ad Space-Hub, and is coming in 2026.

Edited By: Shubham Verma

Published: Jan 11, 2024, 04:51 PM IST

Honda has introduced two new categories as part of its new 0 EV series.
Honda has introduced two new categories as part of its new 0 EV series.

Story Highlights

  • Honda has unveiled its new 0 series of EVs at the CES 2024.
  • The series includes two categories of vehicles: Saloon and Space-Hub.
  • The new EVs are expected to roll out in the US in 2026.

Honda just showed off its latest series of electric vehicles called Zero (written as 0) at the CES 2024. Zero represents two concept models called Saloon and Space-Hub. Saloon is the category of futuristic passenger vehicles, driven by electric fuel, featuring sleek and futuristic designs in the form factor of a sedan. Space-Hub, on the other hand, are van-style vehicles that are sort of boxy but come with a no-frill design. The new electric vehicles represent Honda’s vision that EVs can be trendy and light at the same time as the company approaches the “thin” vehicle architecture with a low floor that can accentuate aerodynamics.

“The mobility we dream of is not an extension of the trend of ‘thick, heavy, but smart’ EVs,” said global chief executive officer of Honda, Toshihiro Mibe. He said the company will “create a completely new value from zero based on thin, light and wise as the foundation for our new Honda 0 EV series to further advance the joy and freedom of mobility to the next level.”

Honda’s new electrification design and engineering approach are at the helm of the new concept models. The company said the new EVs look “overwhelmingly different from other EVs,” although the design of both Saloon and Space-Hub is similar to that of electric vehicles from rival brands such as Kia Motors.

Saloon, specifically, is the flagship concept model of the new 0 series. It uses the company’s dedicated EV platform, featuring a low and wide exterior coupled with a spacious interior. Honda claims the category uses sustainable materials throughout the exterior and interior. The instrument panel features a “human-machine interface” (HMI), which Honda claims enables simple and intuitive operations.

For Space-Hub, Honda has used the theme of “augmenting people’s daily lives” as the inspiration for the design. This category of EVs will feature spacious cabins based on the principles of “thin” and “light”, “wise” being the third one, which the company says has guided the development of the vehicle.

Honda has not mentioned how it is planning to formally roll out both Saloon and Space-Hub vehicles considering their futuristic design promoting weightlessness. But the company said it is bringing the 0 series to the US in 2026, followed by launches in Japan, Asia, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and South America. These vehicles will use a new H-mark logo, which will be exclusive to this new generation of vehicles.

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