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Breaking: Infinix could integrate ChatGPT in upcoming Note 30 series

Is it a reverse countdown for Google Assistant?

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Published: Jun 03, 2023, 12:18 PM IST

Infinix ChatGPT powered Folax
Infinix ChatGPT powered Folax

Story Highlights

  • Folax is a voice assistant designed by Infinix
  • It is a free app but only available for Infinix smartphones running XOS

Credible leakster Ice Universe claims that Infinix will become the first smartphone maker to integrate ChatGPT in its devices. While ChatGPT is already available for free, Infinix is reportedly planning to integrate it into their Folax voice assistant.

A ChatGPT-powered voice assistant could give Google Assistant, Siri, and Bixby a run for their money. However, there are certain limitations to how people can still use ChatGPT. If Infinix manages to pull it off, then the company is likely to change how ChatGPT pulls data from the internet.

Infinix ChatGPT voice assistant: Everything we know about Folax

Infinix smartphones come with XOS, an Android-based operating system with added features from Infinix. These features include XClone (app duplication), smart connectivity tools, and gestures for added control. Folax voice assistant is a part of XOS that is only available for Infinix phones.

Ice Universe’s tweet shows a screen recording of the Infinix ChatGPT voice assistant. It shows a voice assistant app where Folax has its own avatar. The user will have to press and hold the microphone button to ask their question.

In the demo video, the user asks Folax for gifting advice for her daughter. Then Folax replies with a generative response, pretty similar to what we have seen on the ChatGPT-powered Bing search. Generative AI is helpful but you have to go to the website, open a chat, and then ask your questions to get help from tools like ChatGPT.

For now, the fastest way to access ChatGPT is to install the Bing app on your phone and get answers from the web. However, that too involves a bunch of steps. If Infinix really gets ChatGPT on its upcoming Note 30 series, it will make it more accessible and customizable for the users.

However, you can download Google Assistant or Bing on any smartphone, Folax is Infinix-exclusive. It means if you want to use the ChatGPT-powered Folax, you will have to get a compatible Infinix smartphone.

Moreover, ChatGPT runs on datasets, which means it doesn’t gather data from the internet in real-time. So in order to make Folax work, Infinix will have to tweak ChatGPT the same way Bing has done, so it can fetch results from the internet into generative responses.

Google is also likely to catch up to ChatGPT and the AI-powered Bing with Bard. But for now, ChatGPT has registered a record one billion visitors, but at the same time, users are running into trouble for using it in the wrong place.

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