10 Dec, 2023 | Sunday
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PM Narendra Modi is now on WhatsApp Channels: Here's how to follow him

PM Narendra Modi has joined the WhatsApp channel today. You can join PM on his WhatsApp channel to get all the updates when he posts on his channel.

Edited By: Om Gupta

Published: Sep 19, 2023, 07:19 PM IST

Narendra Modi
Narendra Modi

Story Highlights

  • WhatsApp recently rolled out its Channels features in India.
  • WhatsApp was first announced Channels three months ago.
  • WhatsApp Channels were intially available only in Singapore and Colombia.

Narendra Modi on WhatsApp Channels:  WhatsApp recently rolled out its Channels features in India. The feature was first announced three months ago and was available only in Singapore and Colombia. In less than a week after its rollout in India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also joined WhatsApp Channels. “Thrilled to join WhatsApp community! It is yet another step closer in our journey of continued interactions. Let’s stay connected here! Here’s a picture from the new Parliament building…” the Prime Minister said in his first post on WhatsApp Channels. Interested WhatsApp users can follow Narendra Modi by going to the Updates tab and searching for his name in the Find channels option under the Channels section. On following the PM, users will get all the updates if and when the PM post on his channel.

Digital India also announced Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s availability on WhatsApp via X (formerly Twitter). In an X post, Digital India wrote, “PM @narendramodi is now on WhatsApp! Join the Narendra Modi channel and connect directly with him. Stay updated and engaged with the latest updates and insights”.

WhatsApp users can also follow other celebrities in India including Katrina Kaif, Diljeet Dosanjh, Indian Cricket Team and many more. 

For the unversed, WhatsApp Channels, are a one-way broadcast tool wherein the channel admins will be able to share updates with their followers. Followers of a particular channel will only be able to share their emoji reactions on a particular post and will not be able to comment on it as they do in the case of WhatsApp Communities. WhatsApp Channels are accessible via a dedicated ‘Updates’ tab on WhatsApp. 

Following a WhatsApp channel will not reveal the user’s phone number to the other followers or the admin. In addition to this, users can decide on which channel they want to follow, and it will remain private. WhatsApp has also provided admins with options to block screenshots and forwards from their channel. Users can use filters such as most active, popular, new, and based on country to search for celebrities on WhatsApp Channels. 

WhatsApp has started rolling out Channels globally and that soon it will introduce a feature that will enable anyone to create a channel.

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