26 Nov, 2023 | Sunday
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Mark Zuckerberg tweeted for first time in 11 years, it’s a meme

Right after Instagram's new conversation-based app, Threads, went live on Thursday, Zuckerberg took to Twitter to make the announcement.

Edited By: Shubham Verma

Published: Jul 06, 2023, 10:52 AM IST

Instagram has launched Twitter rival, Threads
Instagram has launched Twitter rival, Threads

Mark Zuckerberg has tweeted for the first time in 11 years. The tweet: a meme! Right after Instagram’s new conversation-based app, Threads, went live on Thursday, Zuckerberg took to Twitter to make the announcement. But it seemed more like he took a jibe at Elon Musk with the classic meme showing two Spider-Men pointing at each other. It is as if Zuckerberg is telling Musk that Threads is the new Twitter.

While it is slightly unclear whether Zuckerberg implied the two Spider-Men are Musk and him or if they are Twitter and Threads, the Meta owner just took a page out of Musk’s playbook. The world’s richest man and owner of companies such as Tesla and SpaceX is known for his quirks, which include posting memes, sometimes unsavoury, even for serious topics. Ever since Musk took over the reins of Twitter, he has made a myriad of changes to make the platform profitable, but these changes have often been met with criticism.

Twitter’s wrongdoings?

Last week, Twitter announced that non-subscribers will lose access to the company’s tweet-management tool, Tweetdeck, after 30 days. Tweetdeck has been free to use since its introduction. Besides, the company also limited users’ tweet-reading rates, varying by their account status. While Twitter Blue subscribers can see 10,000 posts a day, non-paying users will be limited to viewing 800 posts. Accounts who have recently signed up will be able to see only 500 posts a day. According to Musk, this move will help the company minimise data scraping.

Threads is widely being considered as an alternative to Twitter and comes at a time when the Musk-owned social media platform is doubling down on restrictions on several different features and functionalities. While some of them, Musk says, will allow Twitter to curb the menace of bots and reduce data scraping, most of them are just ways to increase Twitter Blue subscriptions. Its users, irked by the move, have been flocking to Twitter’s alternatives, such as Mastodon and Bluesky. Threads is the latest entrant, which recorded 5 million sign-ups in the first four hours of its launch.

Threads offers features that are very similar to what you will find on Twitter, such as the ability to like, reshare, reply, follow, and post text and photos to your feed — although in a minimalistic interface. Since Threads is essentially an Instagram app and is tied to it deeply, you will need an Instagram account to use it. All your Instagram profile information, including your verification status, will become available for your Threads profile at the time of creating an account.

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