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Fitbit users will get the Google Account login option starting June 6: Why should you care about it?

Google will start giving existing Fitbit users the option to connect their devices with their Google Accounts starting June 6. Here's what we know about it.

Edited By: Shweta Ganjoo

Published: Jun 05, 2023, 04:21 PM IST


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  • Google earlier this year said that it is bringing Google Account integration for Fitbit users.
  • Fitbit users will get Google Account connection option starting June 6.
  • Fitbit accounts will be supported until early 2025.

Google will start offering all existing Fitbit device users the option to migrate from their existing Fitbit accounts to their Google Accounts as soon as June 6. According to reports, the tech giant will introduce the option for Fitbit users to log into their accounts using their Google Account credentials starting June 6.

According to Engadget, with this new feature, Fitbit users will not only get the option to manage all of their data from Google tweak their data when making the move and will have the option to manage their information either from the Fitbit app or from their Google settings page.

It is worth noting that Google first confirmed that it will prompt all existing Fitbit users to switch from their Fitbit accounts to their Google Accounts last year. Then earlier this year, the company in a blog post said that the option to log into Google Account will be available to existing Fitbit users sometime in the summer this year.

“If you’re an existing Fitbit user, you will have the option to move your Fitbit experience to a Google Account…With a Google Account you’ll get more Fitbit experiences and all your historical data with the benefits of a Google Account,” Google had said in a blog post at the time.

How will the user experience change for Fitbit users?

For new Fitbit device users, nothing will change as they need to connect their smartwatches and fitness trackers with their Google Accounts while setting up the device. The change only affects the Fitbit users who have been using their fitness tracker since a bunch of year now.

Once the Google Account option for Fitbit becomes available to users, Fitbit users will be required to give their consent to transfer their Fitbit user data from Fitbit to Google. Once the transfer is complete, users will be able to log into their Fitbit devices with their Google accounts.

Furthermore, the company has confirmed that users will find their Fitbit data and settings in a single place wherein they will also be able to access their other connected apps and devices. They will also get access to unified privacy controls. “From the moment you first log into Fitbit with your Google Account, you will have the same Fitbit experience with all your historical health and wellness data still available,” the company had said earlier this year.

Users have limited time.

As of now, it is optional for users to switch to a Google Account on their Fitbit devices. However, that will change sometime in 2025. Google, via a Fitbit support page has confirmed that the support of Fitbit accounts will continue until early 2025. After support for Fitbit accounts ends, Fitbit device users will require a Google account use their fitness trackers and smartwatches.

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