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CES 2024: Samsung to showcase new lineup of foldable displays

Ahead of CES 2024, Samsung has showcased a new lineup of versatile foldable displays. Samsung will showcase these panels at the CES event next week.

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Published: Jan 07, 2024, 05:12 PM IST

Image - Samsung Foldable display (Yonhap)
Image - Samsung Foldable display (Yonhap)

Story Highlights

  • Samsung has unveiled a new lineup of foldable displays.
  • Notable foldable panels include In&Out screen and Flex Note extendable.
  • Samsung will showcase these foldable panels at the CES 2024.

Samsung has big plans for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The display division of Samsung Electronics, Samsung Display, has announced a new lineup of foldable displays ahead of CES 2024. These foldable panels are tailored for mobile and other applications. The company plans to showcase these panels at the upcoming event.

Samsung has confirmed that it will hold an exhibition under the theme “All-in Innovative Tech: Paving the new journey” during the annual US tech show that will begin next Tuesday for a four-day run in Las Vegas.

For the unversed, CES this year will begin on January 9 and will end on February 12. Big giants will be participating in the event including Samsung. Samsung foldable screens will be showcased alongside its other products.

One of the spotlighted display innovations that the company will be showcasing is the In&Out Flip. It’s a foldable smartphone display that boasts a 360-degree folding capability.

This dual-folding technology reduces the reliance on a secondary external display commonly used when the device is folded, which results in a slimmer device, as per Samsung.

Samsung will also provide a unique chance for visitors to witness smartphone a durability test. This test will be conducted in extreme conditions to test the panel thoroughly. In extreme conditions, the foldable smartphone will be subjected to 60 celcius heat and minus-20 C cold. It will also undergo sand abrasion and will be submerged in water to test its durability.

Samsung also showcased other foldable products ahead of CES. These foldable products include the Rollable Flex, with panels that can be rolled and unrolled like a roll of toilet paper, expanding up to five times. Samsung also revealed the Flex Hybrid, which has integrations of both foldable and slidable tech.

While showcasing these at the forthcoming event, Samsung Display will also introduce new automotive display panels, including the Flex Note Extendable.

The Flex Note Extendable is an 11-inch foldable panel that unfolds into a 13-inch monitor and further extends to a 17-inch screen. This panel will help people work as well as enjoy content on a big screen without having an actual traditional monitor screen.

For the unversed, Samsung Display is a producer of flexible panels for Samsung Electronics. The same division had a share in making the foldable screen of the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Z Flip 5 released last year.

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