26 Nov, 2023 | Sunday
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Apple makes it hard to sell fake iPhone 15, here's how

Apple, however, chose not to mention anything about the new security mechanism on iPhone 15 boxes possibly to keep related scams at bay.

Edited By: Shubham Verma

Published: Sep 22, 2023, 01:21 PM IST

The iPhone 15 retail boxes come with a new security mechanism.
The iPhone 15 retail boxes come with a new security mechanism.

Story Highlights

  • The new iPhone 15 boxes come with new holograms.
  • It glows when UV light falls on them.
  • This is a new way to check if the iPhone 15 you're buying is genuine.

Apple is making it difficult for phoney manufacturers to sell counterfeit iPhone 15. The retail boxes of the new iPhone 15, as well as the iPhone 15 Pro, come with a new security mechanism that proves the authenticity of the device. It is a new ultraviolet light-based mechanism that will help customer verify if the iPhone 15 unit they are buying is genuine and authentic. It is a necessary security measure because there is plenty of scams involving Apple devices, including the iPhone. Whether or not it is a foolproof method is unclear at the moment, but Apple chose not to mention anything about the new security mechanism possibly to keep related scams at bay.

iPhone 15 boxes have new hidden labels

An X user who goes by Majin Bu posted a video on the social media platform to demonstrate how the new UV labels on iPhone 15 retail boxes work. There are holograms on the boxes, which, when held against a UV light, glow. These holograms are printed in addition to existing security mechanisms such as QR codes to give customer extra peace of mind when buying the new iPhone 15. It is a small detail that you are very likely to ignore, but if you are concerned about whether or not the iPhone 15 unit you are buying is genuine, carry a UV light with you.

By not mentioning anything about the new mechanism Apple may have prevented any potential scams waiting to unravel for the iPhone 15. Moreover, it looks slightly difficult for phoney sellers to replicate the same UV light-based mechanism on iPhone 15 boxes. Some sellers, for instance, pack used or refurbished iPhone devices in new retail boxes, which are fake but so identical to the original ones. These iPhone units are, thus, easy to sell at new prices.

Other than the new holograms, there are other ways to verify if you are buying a genuine product from Apple.

How to verify if your iPhone is genuine

There are different ways to check if the iPhone you are buying is authentic and not fake. Some of them are:

— check the retail box carefully for any spelling mistakes, change in Apple font and colour, and misprinted details.

— ask the shop or store owner to show you at least two more retail boxes and compare them with each other to find any dissimilarity.

— if possible, unbox the iPhone 15 right in front of the seller after you have bought the device to match its IMEI and serial number with what’s printed on the box.

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