01 Feb, 2024 | Thursday
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Nokia phones maker teases new identity, to launch HMD-branded phones

HMD Global has announced that it will soon launch HMD-branded devices, such as phones and tablets, and ditch the Nokia branding.

Edited By: Shubham Verma

Published: Feb 01, 2024, 10:31 AM IST | Updated: Feb 01, 2024, 05:41 PM IST

HMD Global is likely to ditch the Nokia branding from smartphones.
HMD Global is likely to ditch the Nokia branding from smartphones.

Story Highlights

  • HMD Global is ditching the Nokia branding.
  • It will launch phones with the HMD branding.
  • The launch is expected at the MWC Barcelona.

Nokia phones, for the past six years, have been under the stewardship of the Finnish company called HMD Global. The company gave a new life to the Nokia brand after Microsoft gave it up. But even HMD Global is now ditching the Nokia brand. In an announcement, HMD, which has decided to portray itself as ‘Human Mobile Devices‘ instead, said it would start selling its devices without the Nokia branding. Instead, upcoming devices, including phones, tablets, and wireless earphones, will bear the HMD brand. The brand is now represented by a new and compact logo.

The official website of HMD now shows a green theme, but what catches the eye is the tagline at the top that says, “We’re makers of Nokia phones.” That should mean the company is not completely doing away with the Nokia brand. In a recently posted video on its YouTube channel, HMD showed off what looked like its upcoming devices. One of them was a feature phone, easily identifiable as an upgrade of the Nokia 3310. In addition to support for 5G and fast charging, the refreshed Nokia 3310 model could be one of the devices to retain the Nokia branding.

The change in branding may be coming to smart devices that HMD sells. The company claims on the overhauled website that its upcoming phones will be tough, secure, fast, fun, and affordable. HMD also shared some numbers, saying it sold 400 million devices till 2o23 and is presently active in over 200 countries with a team of over 500 members.

While HMD has not said what devices it will launch, a recent rumour suggested the next phone from the brand will feature a 108MP camera in a dual setup. It will also reportedly have a plastic back and a rectangular camera island. This alleged phone, along with other devices likely in tablet and wearable categories may break the cover at the upcoming Mobile World Congress, which is taking place from February 26 in Barcelona, Spain. HMD is expected to announce the availability of its upcoming devices at the event. In November last year, HMD confirmed it will launch HMD-branded phones in India.

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