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Amazon finds: Top deals on smart locks from Godrej, Qubo, more

Looking for smart locks? Check out the top handpicked smart locks available at a discount on Amazon.

Edited By: Om Gupta

Published: Dec 07, 2023, 11:04 AM IST

smart lock
smart lock

Story Highlights

  • Amazon is selling smart locks at big discounts.
  • Godrej and Qubo are some of the big brands of smart locks.
  • We have handpicked some smart locks that you may like.

In this age of advanced technology, home security has evolved to offer innovative solutions that are replacing traditional ones. Smart locks are a great example of this. They offer keyless access, remote control, and advanced security features that revolutionize how we safeguard our homes. With smart locks, you no longer have to fumble for keys. If you are looking for the best smart locks in India, you can find them here.

Qubo Smart Door Lock

This smart lock has 5-way unlocking: unlock using fingerprint, passcode, Bluetooth mobile app, RFID access card or emergency keys. It can register up to 50 fingerprints and comes with 2 RFID access cards. It gives low battery alerts on Qubo mobile app and voice prompt from the lock. It has USB charging access in emergencies in case the battery is exhausted. The lock has 4 AA battery slots. It lasts up to 3-6 months depending on the usage.

Qubo Smart Door Lock is currently available for 7,990.


Godrej Smart Lock

This lock comes with fingerprint, PIN code, remote access, RFID access card, OTP feature, and scheduled access. It can register up to 99 fingerprints, 99 unique PINs and up to 99 RFID cards for multiple users. It has a privacy button, which if on, the lock can’t be opened from the outside, by fingerprint, RFID card or PIN. Only a mechanical override and the master password can open the lock.

Godrej Smart Lock is currently available for Rs 14,499.


Yale YDME 100 NxT

This smart lock allows access through Pincode, secure RFID Cards and backup mechanical keys. It features multiple alarm functions which not only improve the anti-theft level of your home and safeguard you and your family in real time but also remind you of the door lock status to create convenience for use. Lock raises alarms for low battery, wrong password inputs and door tampering. It also features hidden PIN code technology that allows you to enter any random number combinations to successfully get identified as long as there is a consecutive input of the real password. This feature can effectively prevent peeping and safeguard your real password.

Yale YDME 100 NxT is currently available for Rs 14,999.


Atomberg SL 1

This smart lock allows access via Fingerprints, PINs, Access Cards, Atomberg Home App, and Mechanical Keys. It also allows unexpected guests remotely by sending them a one-time PIN via SMS, WhatsApp, or Email. It also has manual deadbolt, which allows one to lock door from the inside so that no one else can open it, even if they have access to the smart lock. It has emergency power backup to enable you to connect an external power source, such as a power bank, to unlock the door if the battery dies.

Atomberg SL 1 is currently available for Rs 14,999.


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