06 Feb, 2024 | Tuesday
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Amazon finds: Top deals on instant geysers with 5-litre tank

Amazon is currently offering top-class instant geysers with a tank capacity of 5 litres for less than Rs 5,000 and here are some deals.

Edited By: Shubham Verma

Published: Feb 06, 2024, 01:09 AM IST

Amazon is offering big discounts on instant geysers.
Amazon is offering big discounts on instant geysers.

Story Highlights

  • Amazon is offering instant geysers with 5l tank at discounts.
  • The list includes brands such as Bajaj.
  • You can save more by opting for online payments.

I recently purchased an instant geyser for my home and it has been a game-changer. Unlike traditional geysers, instant geysers heat water on demand, which means you don’t have to wait for a bulky tank to heat up. This not only saves time but also energy, as you only heat the water you need. The compact size of the instant geyser makes it easy to install in small spaces, such as an apartment or a guest bathroom. Another great feature is that it provides hot water at a constant temperature, which means you don’t have to worry about sudden temperature fluctuations. Although instant geysers are less time-consuming, they mostly come with small tanks to allow faster heating of water. If you are also looking for an instant geyser with a tank capacity of 5 litres, here are some options that you can consider.

Best Amazon deals on instant geysers

Crompton Gracee Instant Water Heater

This instant water heater from Crompton has a tank capacity of 5 litres, making it ideal for individuals. It delivers an output of 3000W and comes equipped with four-level safety features. These include a steam thermostat, an automatic thermal cutout, a pressure release valve, and a fusible plug for complete safety. The geyser is built with a rust-free PP body and a weldless tank, providing improved resistance to corrosion. Currently, the Crompton Gracee Instant Water Heater is available for just Rs 3,398, which is a significant discount from its original price of Rs 7,299.

Bajaj Skive Instant Geyser

This instant geyser from Bajaj comes with a capacity of 5 litres. The product comes with a 2-year warranty by Bajaj, a 5-year warranty on the inner tank, and a 3-year warranty on the heating element. The outer body is made of thermoplastic, which is rust-proof and shock-resistant. The product is equipped with a 4-in-1 multifunctional safety valve and a fire-retardant water heater cable, providing multiple safety systems to safeguard against dry heating, overheating, and excess pressure. It also features an LED indicator with green and red lights to indicate power on and heating function. It is currently available for Rs 3,599, instead of the listed price of Rs 7,730.

V-Guard Zio Instant Geyser

The V-Guard Zio is a powerful instant water heater, equipped with a superior 3 kW heating element that has a copper sheath and high-grade magnesium oxide insulation for quick heat transfer. It boasts an advanced 4-layer safety system, including a pressure release valve for safer operations at higher pressures, an ISI-marked thermostat that cuts off the power supply when the temperature exceeds 55°C, overheating protection through a disc type snap action safety device operating at 90°C, and anti-siphon protection to prevent the reverse flow of water. The robust inner tank of Zio is made of high-grade 304 Stainless Steel, while the outer body is constituted of rust-proof, high-quality engineering polymer, preventing rust formation. This instant geyser is currently available for Rs 3,499, as opposed to the listed price of Rs 6,300.

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