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Attention FASTag Users: Update KYC details or face deactivation from January 31

The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has decided to deactivate any FASTag, which holds incomplete user details, starting from January 31.

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Published: Jan 18, 2024, 04:19 PM IST


Story Highlights

  • NHAI has issued an advisory for FASTag users.
  • NHAI will soon deactivate FASTag whose KYC is incomplete.
  • This rule will come into effect on January 31.

The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has made it clear that starting from January 31, they will deactivate FASTags displaying incomplete details. This move is to ensure a smooth execution of the FASTag program, reducing discrepancies and ensuring comprehensive and correct user details.

FASTags are essentially electronic gadgets designed to auto-deduct toll fee from a pre-set account using RFID technology. This was made mandatory for every vehicle in India on February 15, 2021, to advocate for digital payments and minimise toll plaza traffic.

Deactivating the FASTags showing incomplete details is a solution to mitigate instances of wrongly keyed-in or missing crucial information. Issues such as half-filled address or wrongly entered vehicle registration info could seriously hamper the operations of the FASTag system.

Users are advised to keep their FASTag details updated to avoid deactivation. This includes maintaining accurate vehicle registration details and address. The FASTag data can be updated through the official NHAI or issuing bank’s website.

The team will communicate the deactivation news via SMS or email, and undertake this process in steps — starting with FASTags that have partial address details. Post deactivation, FASTags cannot be used for toll payment and users will have to resort to paying by cash.

For dealing with any FASTag related issues or discrepancies, users can reach out to the issuing bank or the NHAI FASTag helpline. It ensures problem resolution and smooth transition of complete and accurate FASTag details.

Wrapping up, NHAI’s decision to deactivate incomplete FASTags is moving one step forward in ensuring a seamless FASTag experience. They are urging users to maintain complete and accurate data to minimise system errors, leading to a hassle-free experience. Updating FASTag details promptly helps in avoiding possible disruptions in toll payments. NHAI is fully dedicated to the success of the FASTag venture and urges everyone to abide by the necessary formalities.

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