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Meta rolls out default end-to-end encryption, new features on Messenger: What this means for users

Meta has announced default end-to-end encryption for Messenger giving it a new lease of life. It has also announced new features for Messenger.

Edited By: Shweta Ganjoo

Published: Dec 07, 2023, 12:27 PM IST

Meta Messenger
Meta Messenger

Story Highlights

  • Meta has rolled out default E2EE for Messenger.
  • Earlier E2EE was available as an opt-in feature.
  • Meta has also rolled out new features for Messenger.

Meta’s Messenger gets end-to-end-encryption: Meta has rolled out a massive update to Messenger as a part of which it is bringing default end-to-end encryption to the app. This new feature will not only make conversations on the platform safer but it will also bring the company’s less popular messaging app at par with other messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Telegram.

“The extra layer of security provided by end-to-end encryption means that the content of your messages and calls with friends and family are protected from the moment they leave your device to the moment they reach the receiver’s device. This means that nobody, including Meta, can see what’s sent or said, unless you choose to report a message to us,” Meta wrote in a blog post announcing the update.

It is worth noting that Meta has offered end-to-end encryption also known as E2EE in Messenger since 2016. However, up until now, users had to manually turn the feature on to make their chats safer. But now it is available as a default feature, which is similar to how encryption is offered as a security feature in WhatsApp. In essence, Messenger has got a feature that WhatsApp has had for years.

In addition to E2EE, Meta has also announced a bunch of new features. Here’s everything you need to know about the new features coming to Messenger:

Edit a message in Messenger

Now users can edit messages that may have been sent too soon or with some error within 15 minutes of sending the message. Also, users can report abuse in an edited message and Meta will be able to see the previous versions of the edited message.

Disappearing Messages

Meta has also updated the disappearing messages feature in Messenger. Disappearing Messages now last for 24 hours after being sent. Meta confirmed that disappearing messages on Messenger are only available for end-to-end encrypted conversations, however, users can still report disappearing messages if you receive something inappropriate.

Read Receipts Control

Meta has also updated read receipt controls in Messenger. These new controls will allow users to decide if they want others to see when they have read their messages.

Photo and Video Upgrades

Meta has also upgraded the image quality, added fun layouts and introduced more controls so that users can reply or react to any photo or video in a collection. “We’re going to continue rolling out improvements over the coming months — we’re currently testing HD media and file sharing improvements with a small group of users and plan to scale them in the coming months,” Meta wrote.

Voice Messaging

Lastly, Meta has upgraded voice messages feature to offer voice messages playback feature at 1.5x and 2x speeds.


As far as availability is concerned, Meta says that these new features will be available for use immediately. However, the company has cautioned that it may take some time for Messenger chats to be updated with default end-to-end encryption.

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