24 Jan, 2024 | Wednesday
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Instagram's new feature reminds teens to sleep after scrolling reels for a while

Instagram's new nighttime nudges feature reminds teenagers to close the app and go to sleep at night.

Edited By: Pranav Sawant

Published: Jan 19, 2024, 08:03 AM IST | Updated: Jan 24, 2024, 05:28 PM IST

Instagram Nighttime nudges
Instagram Nighttime nudges

Story Highlights

  • Instagram is adding another feature for teens on the app.
  • The new 'nighttime nudges' feature reminds teens to go to sleep at night.
  • A screen saying 'Time for a break?' will pop up at night after scrolling the app for more than 10 minutes.

Instagram on Thursday announced a new feature for teens on the app. The feature reminds them to stop scrolling reels and take a break or go to sleep. This is another of its features that lets users leave the app and not get nudged by a digital life. Instagram sometime back announced quiet mode to help users not receive messages and alerts at night for a good sleep. Now, this new teen-centric feature is another addition to helping you make sleep the priority.

Meta on its blog for teens titled “Giving Teens and Parents More Ways to Manage Their Time on Our Apps”, noted that the feature will remind teens to close the app at night. When teens scroll reels or are in Direct Message late at night for more than 10 minutes, this new “nighttime nudges” feature will show up reminding them that ‘It’s getting late’.

“Sleep is important, particularly for young people, so we’re launching new nighttime nudges that will show up when teens have spent more than 10 minutes on Instagram in places like Reels or Direct Messages late at night. They’ll remind teens that it’s late, and encourage them to close the app,” stated Meta in its blog post.

This feature is aimed at those teens who haven’t set the daily time limit for the app. And interestingly, while that feature is optional, users can’t turn off the nighttime nudges. It will keep alerting them that it’s getting late at night. It’s unclear if Meta plans to send nighttime nudges to select teens or to all under 18.

In other news about Instagram, Meta announced that it will start hiding more age-inappropriate content for teens on Instagram as well as on Facebook. Meta is automatically placing teens into the most restrictive content control setting on these apps.

“Our content recommendation controls — known as ‘Sensitive Content Control’ on Instagram and ‘Reduce’ on Facebook — make it more difficult for people to come across potentially sensitive content or accounts in places like Search and Explore,” stated Meta in a previous blog post.

What this update means is that if teens search for things like self-harm thoughts will receive helpline numbers and a suggestion to reach their friends via direct message.

Furthermore, Instagram and Facebook will send users notifications to check and update their safety and privacy settings.

“To help make sure teens are regularly checking their safety and privacy settings on Instagram, and are aware of the more private settings available, we’re sending new notifications encouraging them to update their settings to a more private experience with a single tap.”

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