26 Nov, 2023 | Sunday
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Google's best messaging feature is coming to iPhone but there's a catch

A third-party app has enabled RCS on its platform, allowing iMessage on iPhone to support the Google's supercharged messaging functionality.

Edited By: Shubham Verma

Published: Aug 22, 2023, 12:29 PM IST

Beeper has enabled RCS features for its platform
Beeper has enabled RCS features for its platform

Story Highlights

  • Beeper, which consolidates you messaging apps, now supports RCS.
  • This means that iMessage can now support Google's RCS.
  • iMessage can support tap backs, emoji reactions, and other functionalities from RCS.

Google may still not be in the mood to back down from its crusade against Apple, which is not ready to adopt Android’s best messaging feature called Rich Communication Services, or commonly RCS. It attempts to take a jibe at Apple for not supporting RCS in iMessages every time it gets a chance. Whether it is the company’s annual developers conference, Google I/O, or just a video announcement for an Android feature, Google makes sure people know that Apple is not budging over its decision not to implement support for RCS in iMessages. But a third-party app called Beeper is solving the problem.

What is Beeper?

Beeper, which is an app that lets you bring all your messaging apps together, now supports most RCS features. These features include the ability to read reactions to messages, which is the biggest limitation between iMessage and RCS conversations. Although currently in beta, Beeper supports tap backs from RCS on iMessage, giving users of both functionalities seamless conversations — something that is currently lacking in the regular iMessage app. But even though the features that allow a seamless conversation are supported, Beeper does not presently support user avatars, read receipts, message history, and typing indicators. That is because the app is still in beta and full of bugs. But the developers are working to iron these bugs out and release a fully compatible stable app.

The Beeper Desktop 3.70.17 is currently available to users, but you will have to join a waitlist to be able to use the platform. Once you are through the waitlist, you will be able to talk to your friend with iPhone using RCS features. RCS is the richest form of SMS, which brings support for not just media but also interactive tools such as emoji reactions and live location. The OEMs that use Android have largely adopted RCS, but Apple is taking time. Or maybe it is just not in the mood. While iMessage on iPhones, iPads, and Macs has the same features as RCS, there is no cross-platform compatibility with Android phones. That is an issue for people who rely on either iMessage or Google’s RCS for chatting.

How to get RCS support on Beeper

For RCS to work in Beeper, you will have to join the beta waitlist. For that, you can download the latest version of Beeper Desktop 3.70.17. After you have downloaded the app, go to the Gear icon, followed by a click on Chat Networks and then Google Messages. You will find the option to enable RCS here, but remember that enabling the feature will not instantly bring the feature. That is because Beeper is waitlisting new users, so it might take some time for you to be through the waitlist. According to Android Authority, the wait for one of their staff members was 407 days, which means you will have to be very patient considering there is no other way RCS would work on an iPhone — at least currently.

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