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Twitter starts testing Community Notes for Images: What it does, how it will benefit users

Twitter has started testing a new feature called Community Notes for Images that will help users in identifying AI-generated images on the platform.

Edited By: Shweta Ganjoo

Published: May 31, 2023, 12:33 PM IST

Twitter Community Notes
Twitter Community Notes

Story Highlights

  • Twitter has started testing Community Notes for Images feature.
  • This feature will help in identifying AI-generated images.
  • At the moment, this feature can test tweets with one image.

As artificial intelligence (AI) generated images start becoming common in the digital world, Twitter has started deploying a new feature that will help users in identifying AI-generated images on its platform. The company via a thread from its official Community Notes channel on Twitter announced that it has started testing a new feature called Community Notes for Images. This new feature will enable contributors on the platform to write a note on Tweets containing images, especially the ones that may have images that have been generated by or altered using AI.

“Today we’re piloting a feature that puts a superpower into contributors’ hands: Notes on Media,” Twitter said, adding, “If you’re a contributor with a Writing Impact of 10 or above, you’ll see a new option on some Tweets to mark your notes as “About the image”. This option can be selected when you believe the media is potentially misleading in itself, regardless of which Tweet it is featured in.”

The idea is that notes attached to an image will automatically appear on recent and future matching images. Twitter’s raters, the users who rate the Community Notes on Images, and readers, generic users, people like you and me, will see the notes that authors or the contributors mark as “about the image” slightly differently, which will help them understand that they should be interpret these notes as they are about the media file attached in the tweet and not the specific Tweet that the media file is attached to. Or in simple words, ‘about the image’ will be marked slightly differently in a Tweets for the users to understand that the note pertains to the media file in a Tweet and not the Tweet itself.

Furthermore, Twitter says that the ratings in the ‘about the image’ section will help in identifying cases where a note may not apply to a specific Tweet.

But this feature has some limitations at the moment

Twitter says that the Community Notes’ ‘About the Image’ feature has some limitations at the moment. As of now, this feature supports Tweets with a single image. However, the company does plan to expand it further. In a blog post, the company said that it is planning to expand it to videos, Tweets with multiple images and videos and even GIFs.

“Currently, this feature is experimental and only supports Tweets with a single image. We’re actively working on expanding it to support Tweets with multiple images, GIFs, and videos,” Twitter wrote.

But it’s not all that perfect yet

That said, Twitter and the contributors have cautioned that these notes should be treated with a pinch of salt and it’s not perfect yet. Contributors to Community Notes said, “Some tweets with false claims may not have Community Notes. This system is limited in reach by participation, and is not impervious to errors or perpetuating common misconceptions.”

“It’s currently intended to err on the side of precision when matching images, which means it likely won’t match every image that looks like a match to you. We will work to tune this to expand coverage while avoiding erroneous matches,” Twitter added.

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