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Amazon Deals: Get Ring lights at 60 percent off

Amazon is giving 60 percent off on Ring lights on the platform. A ring light setup on Amazon starts from as low as Rs 599.

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Published: Jan 21, 2024, 04:13 PM IST

Ring light
Ring light

Story Highlights

  • Amazon is giving up to 60 percent off on Ring lights.
  • A Ring light setup starts from as low as Rs 599.
  • Ring lights are available on Amazon from top brands like Digitek, Tygot, Amazon basics, and others.

Want to begin your Instagram Reels career? Well, you might have invested in a professional camera or could be using your phone’s camera for shoots. However, having a good lighting setup is just as important as the camera. If you are doing makeup tutorials or shooting A Roll shots, a ring light can benefit you a lot. Ring light adds the extra light required on your face to make your skin glow in the footage. Depending on the environment you can choose a type of ring light to begin with.

Don’t fret as we have got you covered with our curated list of top ring lights on Amazon. Starting from Rs 599 to Rs 2,000, we have listed some of the top ring lights on Amazon.

Tygot 10 inches Big LED Ring Light for Camera, Phone

Tygot’s LED ring light setup is available at just Rs 599 on Amazon. The setup includes a 10-inch ring light available in different modes, including warm and cool. It also comes with a 7-feet foldable tripod stand. The ring light has a USB port, so your phone’s charging adapter can be used to power it on.

Amazon Basics LED Ring Light with Mini Stand

Amazon Basics LED ring light setup is priced at Rs 721, way lower than the listed price of Rs 1,999. This particular setup is a compact one that comes with a 10-inch LED ring light and a mini stand. The LED light has three different modes including warm yellow, warm white, and white light. It is suitable for video meetings, where you can keep the tripod stand on your desk. This one also powers with a USB port.

Digitek Professional dual Temperature LED light Tripod Stand

Digitek’s LED ring light setup is available at Rs 1,291 on Amazon. It comes with a large ring light along with a tripod that has adjustable light. The tripod has a height of 5 feet. The light has a USB port for power and the tripod has a ball head.

Digitek Professional Multicolored Ring light with stand

Digitek Professional multicolored ring light with stand is available at 54 percent off priced at Rs 1,699. It comes with a large LED light that has multiple colors including white and warm light. The light has a USB port for power.

Osaka Professional LED Ring light with stand

Osaka’s LED ring light is available at Rs 1,699 on the platform. The 10-inch LED ring light has three color temperature modes. The LED light can be powered via the USB port. It also comes with a height-adjustable tripod stand.

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