30 Jan, 2024 | Tuesday
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Instagram starts testing new ‘Flipside’ feature: See what's it here

Instagram is testing a new feature dubbed Flipside on the platform that will be available alongside Close Friends and Private Profile.

Edited By: Pranav Sawant

Published: Jan 30, 2024, 06:40 PM IST | Updated: Jan 30, 2024, 06:41 PM IST


Story Highlights

  • Instagram is testing a new feature on the platform.
  • Flipside will be a privacy-centric feature for users.
  • It will let users create their own private space on the app.

Meta-owned social media platform Instagram is testing a new feature on the platform dubbed Flipside. The upcoming feature is an addition to the already available privacy-centric features like Close Friends and Private Profile. Instagram Head Adam Mosseri took to Threads to announce the Flipside feature.

Mosseri was replying to a Threads user who asked for the availability of the rumored Flipside feature. The Instagram Head’s reply was rather cryptic, however, the feature is being tested as you read this story so it’s no more a secret.

“We’re not even sure we’ll launch it on Instagram. On one hand it feels good to create a clear space that feels more private. On the other, it’s yet another way to reach a smaller audience on top of secondary accounts and Close Friends. We’ll see how people respond in the test, and iterate forward,” noted Mosseri.

Unlike Close Friends, which only lets your friends see your story or post on the platform, Flipside will be a whole new account of yours. A new personal space on Instagram for you and your close ones. A private account that will be accessible only to those you choose. Users you add to your Flipside, will be able to see what’s cooking in your personal space.

That said, a Flipside of a user will be a separate account that will have its own fresh feed, including a new username, profile picture, and private photos and reels.

The social media consultant Matt Navarra showed a demo of this feature on Threads. The feature was first discovered back in 2023 by the leaker Alessandro Paluzzi on X (formerly Twiter). Now, finally, the feature is up for testing.

Although Flipside is being tested, Close Friends is probably here to stay. And so is the Private Profile feature, where users can simply private their public profile.

It’s unclear when Instagram plans to launch the new feature. In fact, Mosseri is not clear if the company will even bring it in public. But usually, the features that get tested with a limited audience do end up in the final build of the app. And this one, particularly, appears to be a good feature and could be useful for many, so its arrival is welcome. When? That remains to be seen.

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