09 Sep, 2023 | Saturday
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Sony PS5 accessories selling at up to 60 percent off on Amazon

Looking for Sony PlayStation 5 accessories? Check out these amazing deals on some of the best accessories on Amazon right now.

Edited By: Shubham Verma

Published: Sep 09, 2023, 12:52 AM IST


Story Highlights

  • If you are looking for PlayStation 5 accessories, Amazon has good deals right now.
  • This list has some of the best deals with up to 60 percent off.
  • Sony PS5 accessories include dust covers and carry bags.

You recently purchased a brand-new Sony PlayStation 5 gaming console after months of waiting. And now that you own the console, you are responsible for its maintenance. That includes ensuring the console remains clean and tidy, works efficiently, and lasts long. While some of these tasks can be done manually, you can take help of the accessories, which are especially designed for the PS5 consoles to make them run properly for a long time. These accessories also make sense because you would not want these expensive consoles to malfunction or wear out anytime soon. We have curated a list of top Sony PS5 accessories that currently on sale at up to 60 percent off on Amazon.

Sony PS5 accessories on discount

GLITCH PS5 Dust Cover

Any appliance at your home needs to be covered. Treat the PS5 console as an appliance and buy a dust cover for it. This dust cover is precisely cut and made for the Digital and disc edition PlayStation console. It has a cutout for wires to easily put on and remove the cover. It is currently selling for Rs 299, instead of the listed price of Rs 799.

New World Cooling Fan

You are an intense match on your console, and suddenly overheating causes it to work slightly unexpectedly. That is when you need additional cooling fan for your PS5. This cooling fan comes with a size that fits both PS5 Disc edition and PS5 Digital edition. The fan has an extra USB port for pass-through that allows you to continue to use the USB port for charging your other devices. This cooling fan is selling for Rs 1,990, as opposed to the listed price of Rs 2,499.

New World Storage Bag

Although the PS5 console is not meant for portability, you may sometimes feel the need to carry it around. You may want to lug it around to your friend’s place or just your grandparents’ during vacation. This bug can come in handy during those times. This travel bag is specially designed for PS5. This for PS5 handbag/ shoulder diagonal has a spacious and customisable interior, whether it is for DualShock 5 console, AC power cord, USB cable, headset, game disc or other accessories you need. It is currently selling for Rs 2,489 instead of its listed price of Rs 2,999.

Sony PlayStation Pulse 3D Gaming Wireless Over-Ear Headset

Sony’s official PlayStation-branded wireless headset offers 3D sound experience to gamers when they are playing. The headphones have dual noise-cancelling microphones for clear voice capture during streams. The design on the headset matches that of the PlayStation 5. The headset is currently selling for Rs 7,429, as opposed to the listed price of Rs 8,590.

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