Google won't repair broken Pixel Watch screens

A support representative stated that Google "doesn’t have any repair centres or service centres" for the device.

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Published: Sep 15, 2023, 03:11 PM IST

Google won't repair broken Pixel Watch screens


  • Google Spokesperson revealed that the company doesn't have any repair options for Pixel Watch.
  • Once damaged, you may have to buy a new one.
  • California recently passed a right-to-repair law.

If you own a Pixel Watch and accidentally breaks its screen, then getting it officially repaired by Google isn't in the cards.

On Reddit and Google support forums, a number of Pixel Watch owners have taken out their frustrations about the inability to replace cracked screens, reports The Verge.

In it, a support representative stated that Google "doesn't have any repair centres or service centres" for the device.

"At this moment, we don't have any repair option for the Google Pixel Watch. If your watch is damaged, you can contact the Google Pixel Watch Customer Support Team to check your replacement options," Google spokesperson Bridget Starkey was quoted as saying.


Starkey also pointed to Google's hardware warranty policy, which states, "this Limited Warranty does not apply to damage caused by -- (1) normal wear and tear; (2) accidents; (3) misuse (including failure to follow product documentation); (4) neglect; (5) disassembly; (6) alterations; (7) servicing other than by Google-authorised technicians; and (8) external causes such as, but not limited to: liquid damage, exposure to sharp objects, exposure to excessive force, anomalies in the electrical current supplied to the Google product, and extreme thermal or environmental conditions."

According to the report, this kind of warranty means leaving owners on their own to deal with damage caused by drops or accidental strikes, and as per Google's Store, there is no option for an extended warranty to go with a Pixel Watch.

If users' Pixel Watch is accidentally damaged, then they are on their own.

Meanwhile, California passed a right-to-repair law requiring companies to offer replacement parts for electronics priced $50 and higher for three years, and for $100 and higher for seven years.


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