This OnePlus Open Multitasking Shortcut Will Blow Your Mind

You can rearrange everything at your beck and call

Posted Nov 23, 2023 9:01 AM

The OnePlus Open has a dock that allows you to run up to 3 apps side by side, or two apps side by side with one more in expanded view. The almost 8-inch screen and optimized OS makes it a breeze to multitask on this phone. Since a foldable phone is literally two regular phones welded together, there's no compromise on the multitasking experience.

In fact, this optimization is far better than most Android tablets that don't have this particular aspect ratio. So you may see black bars while watching videos, but the squarish form-factor of the foldables makes them perfect for multi-window usage. This video will show you a couple of use-case scenarios where the folding capability makes a lot of sense.



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