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Best Camera Phone Under 40000 In India (July 2022)


While purchasing a smartphone, the first thing that comes to someone's mind is the smartphone's camera. Many smartphones were launched this year, and the feature that focused on them is the smartphone's camera. We have cameras ranging from 48 megapixels to 64 megapixels and 108 megapixels. Apart from this, technology like 50x zoom and 3D photos also came. Companies like Samsung, OnePlus, Realme and many others have launched their best camera phone under the price range of 40000. These smartphones not just click stunning pictures, but they are also launched with a powerful processor and battery capacity. So, today we will discuss some of the best camera mobile phones launched with exciting features under the price segment of 40000.

In this selfie era, a good camera has become an important feature. The smartphone makers are paying more attention to the camera and the smartphone's front camera. Nowadays, customers are ready to pay a hefty amount to buy a smartphone with exceptional camera qualities. When you go to the market, you get a long list of mobiles, and you cannot decide which smartphone will be right for you. Some smartphones give you a powerful battery, and some give you a powerful processor. But it isn't easy in today's time to decide which mobile phones are available with a good camera. Here's a compilation of the best camera phones under 40000 for you. Let's have a look at the list -

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