LG Tone Fit TF7 earbuds review: Fits the bill for exercisers

LG recently launched its brand-new truly wireless earbuds called Tone Fit TF7. These earbuds come with a great fitting but at a steep price. Are they worth?

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Published: Sep 25, 2023, 09:32 PM IST

LG Tone Fit TF7 earbuds review: Fits the bill for exercisers


  • LG Tone Fit TF7 comes with great fitting, which is good for sportspersons.
  • The sound quality is moderately good, but some titles sound a little underwhelming.
  • The ANC is good and reduces noises in most environments.

LG may no longer be in the phone business, but its expertise lies in other areas, as well. One of them is audio, the products of which are a result of LG's long-standing partnership with audio industry veterans Meridian. LG makes some good audio products, including earbuds. So, when its latest active noise-cancelling wireless earbuds called LG Tone Fit TF7 landed, I was excited to experience how different they could be. My excitement was also induced by LG's claims that these are the best-fitting earbuds on the market. While I will talk about that in this review, let us address the elephant in the room.

The LG Tone Fit TF7 are among the premium earbuds on the market. These earbuds were launched at Rs 12,500, but, for some reason, they are listed at the price of Rs 12,989 on the company's online store. For an approximate price of Rs 13,000, the LG Tone Fit TF7 have to be more compelling considering it has competition from Apple, Sony, Samsung, Bose, and JBL. I think LG may have found its pitch to woo customers -- which is the perfect fit more than its audio quality, but are the new Tone Fit TF7 earbuds worth your money? I have an answer for you.

LG Tone Fit TF7 design

The LG Tone Fit TF7 are purpose-built earbuds. According to the company, it is aimed at exercisers. Essentially, people who are athletes, gymnasts, jocks, or are engaged in any form of sports will find the Fit TF7 useful. That is what LG claims, and I think that's correct.


More than the audio quality, it is the fitting of earbuds that is crucial for people who are mostly active. They want earbuds that can keep up with the movement their body parts perform. LG's Tone Fit TF7 do a good job there. They come with a different but not unique design that requires you to swivel the earbuds once they are tucked inside your ears. It is like locking the earbuds into the cavity of your ears. The silicone hooks on each earbud sit tightly inside the ear maintaining the grip so perfectly, that nothing can shake them up. These hooks also have openings throughout to let air flow. That is a neat detail because congestion in the ear is common if you do not let air in.

I am no athlete, but I work out. During my training sessions never even once have these earbuds so much as dislodged themselves. I never had to worry about tucking the earbuds back in place because the songs playing at the gym were not my choice. The fitting of the earbuds is better than what I have felt with some other earbuds at this price range. I could wear these earbuds for hours before discomfort sets in. You can go for the ear tip size that fits your ears. I absolutely loved the snug fit of the earbuds, but I have a concern. I am nitpicking, but because my ears were tightly packed with silicone ear tips for a long time, I felt slightly dazed. I would suggest taking out earbuds at intervals if you are planning on using them for a long time at once.

The earbuds come with a pretty large surface that you can touch to control playback and take action on calls. While I had no problem accessing the earbuds to pause music or take calls, I wish they were slightly more responsive. It is a matter of how much you want to interact with the earbuds. I prefer controlling the music playback using the phone, so it wasn't a big hassle for me. These earbuds can detect when you wear them or take them off. Depending on that, the music playback pauses or resumes automatically. So, that is there if the responsiveness of the earbuds sometimes goes off.

LG's Tone Fit TF7 also have an IP67 rating for protection against water and dust ingress. I had no issues wearing the earbuds when running or working out. Because the earbuds fit snugly, sweat during workouts does not make the fit loose.

LG Tone Fit TF7 audio quality

LG may have not stressed the audio quality of the Tone Fit TF7 much, but these are good-sounding earbuds. The Tone Fit TF7 have a bassy signature by default, but, thanks to different sound presets in the LG Tone Free app, you can customise the audio to your liking. Most Bollywood dance numbers sound energetic and thumpy. I wanted to break into dancing with that sort of music in my ears. When you want to relax or sit by yourself, soulful tracks such as those in the Sufi genre, you wish to listen to subtle yet impactful music. I felt the earbuds under-deliver here.

Songs like Shikayat from Gangubai Kathiawadi had strong vocals, but classical music was mostly sidelined by the occasional thumps in the song. I am also a fan of retro music, which lacks modern technologies to make the sound richer. The sound quality of songs such as Dil Cheez Kya Hai or Mohabbat Hai Kya Cheez sounded very low with an almost imperceptible sound stage. Even full volume couldn't help. Changing the sound preset makes some difference, but I was left wanting a little more. For most customers, these songs should sound well.

If you want spatial experience, turn on 'Immersive' from the Equaliser Settings in the app. But don't mistake it for the true spatial audio with head movement support. You have other options such as 'Natural', 'Bass Boost', and 'Treble Boost' among others. There is also a '3D Sound Stage' option that simulates a 3D effect in your music. I did not like the experience much, but it is there for those who want to experiment with their listening.

LG Tone Fit TF7 noise cancellation

The noise cancellation on the LG Tone Fit TF7 is decent at best. It is not exceptional but it is good enough for most customers. During my time inside the gym, I was able to focus on the podcasts and listen to my choice of music without the gym music causing any hindrance. However, sharp beats of music are able to bypass the earbuds. Essentially, the noise cancellation works well for midrange noises and even the sounds of traffic. High-pitch noises have a way through because of average noise isolation.

You have the option to listen to your surroundings and people for a short time without having to remove the earbuds, thanks to the transparency feature. But the voice that comes through earbuds sounds a little artificial, which makes the entire experience underwhelming. I preferred removing earbuds over using the transparency mode at times. Taking calls on the earbuds is also mostly average. The microphones work well and focus on your voice instead of noise from your surroundings, but if you are using the earbuds on a windy day, you better not. The earbuds cannot reduce wind noises, hence, making the calling experience bad. All in all, the ANC on these earbuds is decent and most customers will have no complaints about it.

LG Tone Fit TF7 battery

LG's Tone Fit TF7 lasted for about five hours on a single charge when the audio was mostly 60-70 percent with ANC turned on. If you want longer runtimes, you might consider turning ANC off. There is a USB-C port for charging on the case, which has an LED light that indicates battery levels. green light means the battery is charged 80 percent or more, yellow means 20 percent to 80 percent charged, and red means 20 percent or less. There is no wireless charging on these earbuds, which some customers might not like considering the price.

LG Tone Fit TF7 verdict

The Tone Fit TF7 targets a special kind of audience more than others. Sportspersons, athletes, and people who work out a lot would love the fitting of the earbuds. The IP67 rating gives the earbuds protection for long hours, which works well for the kind of usage that a particular audience would mostly have. The earbuds look trendy and come in a sturdy case. While there is not a lot to customise, the app support for these earbuds is great. The sound is not exceptional but it is good for most genres. All of these are these earbuds' plus points, but there are some shortcomings, too. The touch responsiveness is spotty sometimes and the noise cancellation is unable to stop wind noises. These are the main gripes. If you are not bothered about them and are looking for well-fitting earbuds with good sound quality, the LG Tone Fit TF7 is worth checking out for its price.

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