Microsoft Teams: Top 7 features you should know about

Microsoft Teams has a host of hidden features that make everyday work easier. Here are the top features you should know about.

Transfer to another device

It lets you transfer an ongoing call from one device to another on the go.

Source: Techlusive


This lets users convert audio calls into text files that can be accessed later.

Source: Techlusive

Apple CarPlay support

This feature lets you join calls and using your car’s built-in controls or hands-free with Siri.

Source: Techlusive

Share Screen

It lets you share your screen with a contact even when you are not in a meeting on Teams.

Source: Techlusive

Merge Calls

It lets you bring someone else into your ongoing one-on-one or a group call.

Source: Techlusive


It lets your news in a channel stand out among other messages with a headline and image.

Source: Techlusive

Third-party apps

It lets you use third-party apps based on usage within Microsoft Teams.

Source: Techlusive

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