Instagram hacks: Top safety features you should know about

Instagram has a ton of security features built in. So here are top security features you should know about.

Close Friends

It lets you share your content with a select group of friends. To use: Settings > Account > Close Friends.

Source: Techlusive

Don’t Receive Requests

It blocks incoming friend requests. To use: Settings> Privacy> Messages> Potential connections> Don’t receive requests.

Source: Techlusive

Hidden Words

It blocks offensive messages and comments. To use: Settings> Privacy> Hidden Words.

Source: Techlusive


It limits chats for a period of time by automatically hiding comments, message requests from people who don’t follow you.

Source: Techlusive

Message Controls

It lets you control who can send you direct messages, block unwanted messages and see your active status.

Source: Techlusive

Who can add you to groups

It lets you restrict who can add you to a group. To use: Settings>Privacy>Messages>Group Settings>Who Can add you to groups.

Source: Techlusive


It sets up two layers of security for accessing your account. To use: Settings> Security> Two factor authentication.

Source: Techlusive

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