Top features coming to WhatsApp soon

WhatsApp is working on a number of new features for the app. Here are the top features you should look out for.

Report Status Update

This feature will let users report unwanted status updates. WhatsApp will add a report button within the status options.

Source: Techlusive

Chat Transfer

This feature will let users switch to a new Android device without backing up their chat history on Google Drive.

Source: Techlusive

Kept Messages

This feature will let users keep a disappearing message. WhatsApp will highlight a kept message using a bookmark icon.

Source: Techlusive

Select Chats

It will appear in the Chat Menu and let users select multiple chats to mute or mark as unread.

Source: Techlusive

Verification option

This feature will let users pick if they want to get the WhatsApp verification code on a different device.

Source: Techlusive

New large heart emojis

WhatsApp is working on adding 21 new emojis and three new large heart emojis (Blue, Pink, Grey) to its list.

Source: Techlusive

Message reaction in announcement groups

WhatsApp will add message reactions to announcement groups. But it will not link reaction to phone numbers for privacy.

Source: Techlusive

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