Apple BKC: What’s in store for customers at India’s first Apple store? - Watch Video

The much-awaited Apple Retail Store in Mumbai will open its doors for customers today at 11 am. Apple CEO Tim Cook has flown down from Cupertino for the opening. This only reiterates that India is an important market for the tech behemoth. While the core of the company-owned Apple Stores is the customer experience, it is also a visual treat. Here’s what India’s first store looks like.

TECH Staff   |    Published: April 18, 2023 5:47 PM IST

Here is the first look video on previewed Apple BKC, the first Apple Store in India. Located in Mumbai’s bustling Bandra Kurla Complex financial, arts, and entertainment district, Apple BKC will serve as a dynamic space where customers can come together, explore Apple products and services, enjoy exceptional service, and learn how to get more out of their devices through free Today at Apple sessions.

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