Top 7 games launching this month: From Hogwarts Legacy to Like a Dragon: Ishin!

There are seven most anticipated games coming this month across different genres.

Deliver Us MarsĀ 

Developed by KeokeN Interactive, Deliver Us Mars will be launched on February 2 on consoles and PC. It will be available on Steam for under Rs 1000.

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An adventure and co-op title Blanc will be released this month on PC and Nintendo Switch. The game's release is set for February 14.

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Hogwarts Legacy

On of the major titles coming this month is the Hogwarts Legacy. Published by Warner Bros. the game will be set in the wizarding world and offer an open-world experience. It will release on February 10 for PC and consoles.

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PlayStation's Returnal will be made available to PC players via Steam and Epic games store. However, the game can be pre-purchased for Rs 3,999, which will get you some in-game items and bonuses.

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Wild Hearts

Elecronic Arts (EA) will launch Wild Heart this month on the 17th. The game will be available for PC and new-gen consoles.

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Like a Dragon Ishin!

Like a Dragon: Inshin! will be a spin-off remake releasing on February 21 for consoles and PC. If you are a Yakuza fanatic, this is the game to look out for this month.

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Atomic Heart

Mundfish's Atomic Heart will be released on February 21 for PC and consoles. It will be an FPS game developed on Unreal Engine 5 and 4.

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