7 areas where ChatGPT and AI chatbots will be widely used in the future

As OpenAI's ChatGPT improves, it will soon be widely used for doing many things across different fields. Although it's far away from replacing human tasks, it will be assisting in day-to-day chores.

ChatGPT or AI-powered Search

While Microsoft has already released AI-powered Bing (in partnership with OpenAI) that uses a more powerful language model than ChatGPT, other search engines are also expected to incorporate AI. This would make searches more simplified and human-like.

Source: Techlusive

Smart home voice assistants (Smart Home)

Josh.ai's Co-founder Alex Capecelatro has revealed that the company is working on bringing ChatGPT-driven smart home voice assistant. Depending on how it materializes, it could be truly game-changing.

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Software development (IT sector)

Believe it or not, ChatGPT is already being used by developers. The chatbot can write you codes and that could go mainstream in the field to assist humans to develop software and programs.

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Youtube Scripts (Content Creation)

ChatGPT can write scripts and it's doing it for many YouTubers. The chatbot gathers details from all over the Internet and lists them down. So, it can basically write a script for your next mobile review video on YouTube.

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Social Media Bios (Social Media)

No need to hire someone to write bios on social media. ChatGPT can do it for you. If you give the chatbot some understanding of your social media page, it can write an appealing bio for the page.

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Creating Resumes (Office)

Well, we tried making a resume on ChatGPT but it was a bit wonky. However, as the language model gets trained, it will be able to make resumes for you.

Source: Techlusive

Market Research (Businesses)

Amongst the many things that ChatGPT or an AI chatbot can do, researching and providing you with a data sheet are the two major things that a business can benefit from. Although reliability is a concern, it can get you a bunch of data from the market, which can then be evaluated and used for business growth.

Source: Techlusive

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