12 tips to save and maintain battery on iPhone

November 29, 2023

Pranav Sawant

Use Dark Mode to save battery on OLED screen iPhones 

Turn on Low Power Mode 

Turn off Auto-Brightness and manually adjust it 

Turn off Mobile data when on Wi-Fi at home 

Turn off Background App Refresh

Turn off notifications from apps that you use occasionally 

Turn off Raise to Wake as it may drain your iPhone's battery 

Turn off Location Services or keep them as 'While Using' for select apps 

Turn off 'Hey Siri' for switching off active listening of Siri 

If you don't need, then limit refresh rate to 60Hz on Pro iPhones 

Turn on the 80 percent charge limit to help with battery cycles 

Don't let your iPhone die at 0 percent (Keep it between 20-80 percent) 

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