Top Netflix shows, movies releasing in September

August 22, 2023

Shubham Verma

a day and a half

He wants his daughter back, so an armed man breaks into the medical center where his former wife is working and abducts her at gunpoint.


A linguist joins the military in a mission to talk to extraterrestrial beings who have landed on Earth in twelve mysterious ships.


A rebellious princess named Bean doesn’t want to wed Prince Merkimer. She finds new friends in Luci, a demon, and Elfo, an elf, and they face many dangers and excitement together.

friday night plan

While their mother is on a business trip, two feuding brothers team up to go to the hottest party of the year without her knowing.

happy ending

It’s their one year anniversary, but Luna has a secret: she’s been faking orgasms with Mink. A threesome suggested by her best friends seems like a fun idea, but it turns out to be a disaster for Luna.


Constantly at war with one another, the use of experimental weaponry causes the Bakugan to be inadvertently transported to Earth.

love is blind

A group of singles who value personality over appearance have joined a new kind of dating service that challenges the norms of modern romance.

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