Hero Surge S32 convertible EV unveiled: Check features

January 29, 2024

Pranav Sawant

Hero has unveiled the all-new Surge S32 electric vehicle in India. 

The Surge S32 derives inspiration from Batmobile from The Dark Knight trilogy movie. 

The Surge S32 is a revolutionary EV that can transform from a three-wheeler to a two-wheeler in just 3 minutes. 

The convertible EV can be ridden as a rickshaw or an e-scooter. 

The three-wheeler EV has a 13.4bhp power output, whereas, in the two-wheeler form it gets 4 bhp. 

It has 11 kWh and 3.5 kWh battery capacity, respectively. 

The three-wheeler rickshaw EV can take a maximum load of 500 kg. 

There's no word on the pricing of the EV and it appears to be a concept for now. 

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